Bedroom Built-Ins for Baby

custom wardrobe closet for baby's bedroom
Bedroom wardrobe closet for a baby's room fits snuggly under the slope of the angled ceiling.
custom wardrobe closet with doors open
View of interior of one of the built-ins for this bedroom. The combination of drawers, double hang and shelves should take care of all of baby's clothing needs.

Custom bedroom built-ins permanently solve the storage needs for this older home.

The children's bedrooms in this older home lacked adequate closet space. If there wasn't even enogh storage space for a baby's needs, what would happen as the child grew older? As a solution, two new wardrobe closets were constructed. These bedroom built-ins provide all the storage anyone could ever want. Today they may be filled with boxes of disposable diapers and baby wipes. But later on, they will provide storage for toys, games, even a professional wardrobe. The storage is there, able to accommodate the needs of anyone, child through adult. The built-ins are designed to follow the angled slope of the ceiling, ensuring no space is wasted. All rods and shelves are adjustable, allowing for maximum flexibility when arranging the storage. Built-in drawers ensure that other furniture, like dressers, are unnecessary in this bedroom.

Custom built-in provides ample storage for bedroom
Wall 2 of the baby's bedroom has even more storage.
Bedroom built-ins interior view
These bedroom built-ins are designed to provide for future storage needs.

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