Closet Storage Ideas: New Wardrobe Armoire with Unique Lighting

Wardrobe Closet with Unique Lighting Solves Bedroom Storage Problems

custom built in wardrobe armoire in a transitional design with unique lighting
Installing a new wardrobe with unique lighting solves both the storage and privacy issues of this master bedroom. The closet spans one wall of the master bedroom and provides both long hang and medium hang sections along with many shelves. The majority of the shelves are earmarked for shoe storage, but pantry pull-out shelves with scalloped fronts were used for accessories and smaller items. They function in a similar manner to a closet drawer system, storing many of life's essentials. A custom closet lighting system in warm white was included in order to provide both accent and task lighing for the bedroom and closet.
wardrobe armoire
When the doors are closed, this wardrobe armoire closet presents a simple and clean aesthetic to the space. The transitional style is consistent with the décor throughout the home.

Although this was a relatively new home, the builder's original closet space for the master bedroom proved to be inadequate for the homeowners' long term needs. The original master closet was too small to meet the clothing storage needs of a dual career couple. Closet Works solved the problem with a new wardrobe closet that spans the length of the room.

This large floor to ceiling custom wardrobe was backed with the same 3/4-inch-thick laminate material used on the rest of the closet. A simple moulding treatment was used along the floor and ceiling to trim out the new closet. There are two depths to this system, 24-inches deep for the hanging sections and 14-inches for the majority of shelving sections. The 24-inch depth is needed to ensure that the doors will close completely when there are hangers on the clothes rods. On the other hand, 14-inches is the optimal depth for shoe shelves — and this couple has a lot of footwear to store. The shallower depth is also good for folded clothing. Folded sweaters and knit tops will not get pushed back and lost in the back of the shelf. Several shelves were kept at the 24-inch depth to allow for the storage of oversize items.

Construction Details:

New Wardrobe Armoire Includes a Closet Lighting System

The owners wanted a custom, built-in look with lighting. The new LED closet lighting system presents a beautiful display at night worthy of an art gallery. It also provides task lighting when searching for clothing. Because the closet spans the entire wall, grometted electrical cutouts were included in the backerboard to allow access to the outlets. These power the lights. The electricals for the closet lighting are serviced through a removable access panel in the bottom of one section of closet.

closet storage ideas include unique lighting
The closet lighting components can be serviced through an access panel in the closet floor.

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