Painted MDF Wardrobe System/Custom Wall Closet Units: A Functional Work of Art That's Meant to be Seen!

Two Wall Closet Units Combine to Become a Dramatic Corner Wardrobe System

Many homes do not include sufficient closet space to suit modern needs. One way to increase storage capacity is to install an "outside the closet" free standing closet organization system. Often referred to as a wardrobe, these types of closets are intended to be visible rather than hidden behind closed doors. The wardrobe style wall closet units in this example are constructed from MDF and painted with a custom gloss color. Being able to paint the wall closet units adds an additional level of customization to the project and allows it to further blend seemlessly into the rest of the home's decor. Loaded with goodies, this wardrobe system goes beyond simple organization. The beautiful design, in combination with carefully selected closet accessories, store the owners possessions while creating a bold statement akin to art. At night, the effect is further enhanced, as this closet includes an LED system that displays the unit in a glowing light show. This is a wardrobe system that is meant to be seen!

Wardrobe system wall closet units system with dramatic lighting
These wardrobe style wall closet units include LED lighting components that transform it from just storage into a work of functional art at night! The light display is achieved with the installation of "above cabinet" LED closet lighting, "under shelf" LED closet lighting, and LED Puck lights in the glass cabinets to add drama and highlight select accessories.
Wardrobe system wall closet units system with custom LED lighting system
Custom closets like this one are good for your health: Clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes, our workplaces and ourselves. Messy homes and work spaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless and overwhelmed...making it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally. according to a study published in Psychology Today. This custom wardrobe system eliminates household clutter and the associated anxiety that comes from living in the mess by providing a neat and orderly place for everything.

Wardrobe System Detail Views

Wardrobe system wall closet units system adds storage outside the closet and includes closet organization accessoriesShoe Shelves, Baskets and Hampers
Wardrobe system wall closet units system with closet organization accessories adds functionalityPull-Out Shelves and Drawers
Wardrobe system wall closet units system in MDF with custom paint color
Painted Wardrobe System with Reeded Glass Doors
Wardrobe system styled as free standing closets with LED closet lighting system
Lit Wardrobe System with Doors Open
Wardrobe system closet drawer with lingerie divider
Lingerie Divider
three tier jewelry organizer
3-Tier Jewelry Organizer

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