Bing Built In Wardrobe For Beautiful Bedroom Storage

custom built in wardrobe bedroom storage in a transitional wardrobe design

Beautiful Built In Wardrobe: Transitional Style Design for Bedroom Storage Closet

Built In Wardrobe Brings Beauty to the Bedroom

Built into an alcove in the wall, this bedroom wardrobe is a beautiful display of precision and elegance. The expansive unit has been constructed to fit seamlessly within the wall's constraints by using scribe filler and scribe moulding to even out the provided space and work with the client's existing crown moulding. The upper right door is a nonfunctioning element that has been directly attached to the wall's soffit in order to preserve the balanced aesthetic. Villa door faces with custom hardware create a transitional masterpiece that can match almost any color and style of bedroom decor. The perfection of this bedroom wardrobe is a result of mastering uneven planes and focusing on alignment and symmetry.

built in wardrobe for bedroom storage
The unit achieves symmetry by evening out the unbalanced space.