Bing Wardrobe Closet with Built In Bedroom Cabinets Solves Storage Problems

Bedroom Built In Cabinets: Custom Wardrobe Closet Solution Utilizes Built In Bedroom Cabinets to Solve the Old 'No Closet in Bedroom' Problem

Custom Wardrobe Closet Creates Storage When There is No Closet in Bedroom

Many older homes have bedrooms with tiny built-in closets — or no closets at all. They were constructed in an era before off-the-rack clothing was prevalent and people, especially children, owned fewer outfits. In order to update this type of bedroom to today's needs, A bedroom wardrobe closet system was added against one wall, creating custom bedroom built in cabinets to satisfy storage needs. Eight cabinet doors conceal ample hanging space suitable for the needs of a young fashionista. An additional wardrobe closet with drawers flanks either side of the central hanging units. Each of the bedroom built in cabinets holds enough drawers and shelving behind its closed doors that a traditional dresser was no longer needed. By eliminating the dresser, room was opened up to build a custom desk and window seat. One end of the L-shaped desk does double duty as a bedside table. Overhead cabinets provide storage for school supplies and books without taking up any floor space. The lovely window seat offers storage cabinets below the sitting area without blocking any of the beautiful view from the window. Overall, this organization system provides an integrated bedroom wardrobe closet and furniture solution that packs a lot of storage into a small space without seeming crowded or compromising the charm of the vintage home.

custom wardrobe closet for bedroom with no closet

Bedroom Wardrobe Closet for a Young Girl

Custom Bedroom Built In Cabinets for Closet & Desk

Built in bedroom cabinets add storage when there is no closet in bedroom
Custom storage cabinets in multiple depths
Bedroom built in cabinets contain a desk, bedside table and window seating
Bedroom built in cabinets are multifunctional