Bing Closet Works Wardrobes Closets: Custom Built In Black Wardrobe Closet

Black Wardrobe Closet With a Modern Aesthetic

master bedroom wardrobe closet with frosted glass inserts
Master Bedroom Wardrobe Closet in Black Laminate with Frosted Glass Inserts

Wardrobes Closets With Contemporary Flair: Black Wardrobe Closet with Frosted Glass Inserts

As a sleek and modern storage solution, this custom wardrobe takes bedroom to storage to new heights — quite literally. This soaring and stylish unit supplies far beyond bedroom closet storage space the room was not able to provide. The design revamps the entire space into one of fine and impeccable taste. The black laminate is a custom ordered material displaying Closet Works ability to accommodate specific needs, wants, and creative visions outside of standard color options. The black laminate in combination with frosted glass inserts and Chateau handles create a show-stopping, elegant aesthetic becoming a statement piece in the bedroom. A separate counterpart unit on the opposing wall offers additional storage with shoe cubbies and extra shelving.

Black wardrobe closet for bedroom and dressing room
Additional closet

Bedroom Wardrobe Closet Detail Views

Wardrobes closets with pull down rods and pull out shelves
A corresponding unit offers shoe storage with shoe cubbies and shelves