Wall Unit Beds: Designed for Double Duty

Closet Works wall unit beds are more than your standard Murphy Bed!

This elegant home office easily converts to a guest room for overnight visitors through the installation of a custom wall unit that includes a Murphy style wall bed, pull-out bedside table and storage cabinets. The glass topped desk in light enough to be easily moved against the far wall, opening up floor space to accommodate a queen size Murphy bed with a comfortable 8 inch thick quality mattress, that is built-in to a custom wall unit. Built-in interior lighting above the wall bed is perfect for reading in bed and the switch is conveniently located on the left side of the head of the bed. When the wall bed is open, the lighted, recessed well that holds the bed when it is closed creates a visual separation from the wall storage unit, framing the top of the mattress like a custom headboard. Aria wood tone laminate was chosen for this system to complement the color scheme used throughout the rest of the home.

Murphy bed folds away and the space becomes a home office
Designd to be an efficient office most of the time, opening the coveted Murphy bed when guests stay over is always a highly anticipated event for everyone in the family. After rolling the glass table under the window, the Murphy bed is quick to set up and easy to open by giving the handles a gentle tug. A hidden pull-out table installed between the drawers and the cabinet on the right side bed is perfect when guests stay overnight. It discreetly folds away into the wall unit when the room is used as an office. The cabinets on either side of the bed unit store the home office printer and other electronics on shelves. A closet rod in each cabinet allows guests to hang items of clothing rather than leaving it to wrinkle in their suitcase.

The high-quality wall bed queen size mattress ensures comfortable rest for overnight guests.

Closet Works wall unit beds open easily
All Closet Works wall unit beds open easily with just a gentle pull on the handle.
wall bed queen size mattress ensures a comfortable night's sleep for visitors
LED lighting in the wall unit allows for reading in what turns out to be a very comfortable bed.

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