Murphy Bed Basement Ideas

Horizontal Murphy bed for basement guest room with custom built-ins
This queen Murphy bed folds horizontally/sideways out of the wall. The horizontal profile works with the low ceiling in this basement room.
Horizontal Murphy bed in closed position with custom built-in cabinets and shelving
There is plenty of open floor space and access to cabinets/shelves when the bed is put away. Notice how Closet Works scribed the bottom trim of the bed and cabinet system to the uneven basement floor.

Queen Horizontal Murphy Bed for Basement Guest Room

Transforming a Challenging Space into Cloud Nine:

An empty, but tricky area in the basement of this home offered the perfect opportunity for a much needed guest room. The wall bed, storage cabinets, and shelving needed careful planning to handle the uneven walls and floors. Closet Works managed to tame the space with a variety of construction details. This included custom fit shelves for the left side of the wall bed, overall height accommodation for a sloping floor, and also a queen-sized horizontal murphy bed to maximize the sleeping quarters. The resulting design truly elevates the space and transforms an old dank basement into comfortable and private guest quarters.

Before and After: Murphy Bed Basement Ideas Create Storage and Guest Room

Before and after for horizontal Murphy bed installation in basement guest room
Before and after for horizontal Murphy bed installation in basement guest room. Despite the challenges of floors that slope steeply towards a center drain and seriously crooked walls, the basement to guest room transformation was a success! The horizontal Murphy bed was chosen due to the space contraints imposed by the large overhead ductwork. Custom storage and shelving on either side of the bed provides an area for showcasing personal momentos in addition to a storage closet for guests.

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