Bing Bed Wall Unit With Foldaway Bed

It's Bigger on the Inside! — Owning a Murphy Bed Wall Unit With The Pivoting Foldaway Bed is Like Having a Full Room Inside a Little 16 Inch Deep Cabinet

Den with Murphy bed that folds into wall
Den with Murphy wall bed that folds into wall — closed position.

This Bed That Folds Into Wall Makes for a Comfortable Guest Room That Friends and Family Are Sure to Enjoy.

Guest room with wall bed unit featuring foldaway bed
Den/guest room with wall bed unit in the open position.

Multipurpose Space With Bed Wall Unit Featuring Foldaway Bed

Perfect for a classic library or den, this elegant wall unit in traditional style greets overnight guests with class! When the wall bed unit is closed, you can almost envision a separate grand room behind its big, richly panelled double doors. Indeed there is another hidden room — the doors fold downward to reveal the secret sleeping chambers within! It truly is "bigger on the inside.:

Notice the high headboard behind the bed. This is a full bedstead with a quality mattress ready to welcome your friends and family in comfort and luxury for as long as they stay with you. Convenient LED lights are included for reading in bed. The wall bed unit cabinet features storage compartments with glass panel doors for an elegant feel. A pull-out table was included under each shelving section for the convenience of overnight guests. The drawers are deep enough to hold sheets and a light blanket — or even a couple of pillows. The entire unit is trimmed with crown moulding as a finishing touch, giving the built in piece a definite furniture feel.

bed wall unit table
Pull-out table next to foldaway bed adds convenience without taking up any additional space.