A Home Office That's Ship Shape Using Space Saving Fold Away Desks and a Murphy Style Office Bed

Fold Away Desks Convert This Home Office Into a Comfortable

If a wall bed can fold up to convert a bedroom into a more spacious office or den, why can't desks do the same thing? For this Chicago area home, Closet Works did just that! The two desks fold into the credenza along the wall to create an open space for the bed. The Murphy style wall bed is hidden behind the television when not in use. Most of the time, this room is a home office. However, when the homeowners need an extra sleeping area in a pinch, the bed folds down while the desks fold to the side, creating an extra bedroom for guests.

Office/Bed/Den Construction Details:

Office fully converted to guest room
This home office / Murphy bed design maximizes versatility and available space by having both fold away desks and a folding wall bed! The room easily performs not two, but three functions. It is a tidy home office with two large workstations that include ample desk space and separate storage cabinets for each worker. It is also a cozy den for watching the television mounted to the front of wall unit/ Murphy bed cabinet. When overnight guests arrive, the desks fold away. This frees up the floor space so that the folding Murphy bed can be lowered, turning the space into a comfortable guest room. As a bonus feature, the television, does not need to be moved from the panel wall in order to lower the bed.

A Folding Wall Bed/Murphy Bed with Integrated TV for Occasional Guests

Desks can fold away to make room for wall bed Home office design offers two work stations.
fold away desks create more floor space Fold away desks free up the floor space.
Folding wall bed hidden behind entertainment center televisionThe room also functions as a den for watching TV.
Fold away desks allow enough space for an office bed Custom fold away desks slip into the cabinetry.
Folding wall bed pivots down in Murphy bed fashion from behind the televisionFolding wall bed pivots down in Murphy bed fashion from behind the television.
Upper cabinets with frosted glass panelsOffice bed and cabinets include frosted glass panel inserts.

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