Bing Galley Style Walk Through Closet

Galley Style Walk Through Closet

Galley style walk through closet that combines efficiency with elegance
The efficiencies of the galley style is not just for kitchens anymore. This walk-in closet is laid out in a walk through galley style. The closet features a remote controlled warm LED closet lighting system. Additionally, a mirrored hutch with jewelry drawers and closet safe add security plus a convenient place to try on earrings. Glass display shelves with mirror backing create an elegant place to display favorite accessories.

Galley style walk through closet for the bedroom combines efficiency with elegance.

Efficiency and elegance need not be mutually exclusive and this closet proves the point! This closet was new construction. The goal was to build a gender-neutral storage area/closet with a high-end contemporary vibe that could provide maximum functionality and storage with as little disruption to the master bedroom suite as possible. This meant keeping the square footage to a minimum while providing all the luxuries common in larger closets with islands and more. We decided to go with a galley configuration, as this set-up is known to provide maximum efficiency and value in kitchens. Why not bring these advantages to the closet?

Because the closet was relatively small for properties at this level of the market, we concentrated on using a lot of double hang with shelving that extends to the ceiling to maximize storage space. Long hang was placed along the short wall. A large closet hutch with numerous drawers and a hidden cabinet for a safe was centered on one wall of the closet, providing the same functionality and storage as a closet island, but requiring less space. Several of the drawers below the countertop were outfitted with velvet jewelry organizers. A mirror was placed above the hutch countertop to give the owner a convenient place to put on and view the jewelry. Two built-in tilt hampers below the drawers provide discrete areas for laundry. Shelves for shoes and folded items frame either side of the hutch unit, with cabinets above. This configuration allows them to be easily divided into his and hers shelves. Two people can easily use the closet at the same time without getting in each other's way. Additional shoe shelves for everyday shoes were placed below the double hang areas on the opposite wall. This gives them a convenient place to live without putting them on display. Strip lighting above the shelf makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Even though the clients wanted efficiency and value, they also craved the type of glitz and glamour that would make this closet stand out in a high-end market. Closet Works accomplished this through choice in finishes, elegant lighting, trim, plus a judicious use of glass and mirrors. The pièce de résistance was a tall glass shelving unit backed with mirrors that is visible from the opening of the closet into the bedroom. These shelves are functional, but also provide an elegant place to display the homeowner's treasures and favorite wardrobe accessories. This door-less entryway to the master closet with the glass shelving unit is also located directly across from the bed. It was important to dress up this section of the closet, as it is likely to be the first and last thing the owners see when going to bed and waking up in the morning.

An LED closet lighting system was incorporated throughout the closet to provide both task lighting and display lighting. The overall ambience is elegant yet understated.

Two entrances offer access to galley style closet

Galley Style Walk Through Closet Details:

custom glass and mirror closet display shelves
Display case for galley style closet.
Hanging section of galley closet with lighting, drawers, and shelves
Hanging section of galley closet.
custom galley style walk through closet with velvet jewelry drawer organizers
Velvet jewelry drawer organizers.
Hidden closet safe
Hidden closet safe.
Decorative storage boxes on closet shelves
Decorative storage boxes on closet shelves.
Interior view of galley closet
Interior view of galley closet.
Tilt out closet hamper for walk through galley closet
Tilt out closet hamper for walk through galley closet.
Interior view of galley closet with display shelves
Interior view of galley closet with display shelves.
Galley closet entrances from bedroom
Hidden closet safe.