Custom-Built Galley Style Closets In Chicago

Galley style walk through closet that combines efficiency with elegance
The efficiencies of the galley style is not just for kitchens anymore. This walk-in closet is laid out in a walk through galley style. The closet features a remote controlled warm LED closet lighting system. Additionally, a mirrored hutch with jewelry drawers and closet safe add security plus a convenient place to try on earrings. Glass display shelves with mirror backing create an elegant place to display favorite accessories.

Bring Elegance and Efficiency to Your Bedroom

There is no reason your closets can’t be functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time — even if you have a relatively narrow space with which to work. For those tricky areas that confound any attempt at organization, trust the experts at Closet Works.

Closet Works is the best place to turn for a custom-built galley closet in Chicago that gives you plenty of storage as well as a high-end look that can fit right into your home. Our skill and extensive capabilities enable us to create a spacious galley walk-in closet that has enough room for all of your belongings. Throughout the process, we will be happy to help you choose the finishes and hardware that captures your personal aesthetic.

Our Approach Leads to Excellent Results

Examples of our galley closet capabilities can be found throughout Chicagoland. In many cases, properties in the city were not built with storage space in mind, leading to awkward layouts and difficult challenges when it comes to customizing closets. Even when working with new construction, we often suggest a custom galley closet configuration. This set-up is known to provide maximum efficiency and value when used in kitchens, and we can apply those same principles to your bedroom.

With our breadth of experience, we can create a gender-neutral storage area that brings the highest levels of functionality and storage while causing as little disruption to your master bedroom suite as possible. We can also keep the total square footage to a minimum while introducing all the luxuries you would expect, such as islands, extravagant light fixtures and more.

Work with our team to make the most out of even the smallest areas. For instance, we can double-hang shelving that extends to the ceiling to maximize storage. For many clients, we have created hutches that include numerous drawers and even hidden compartments for a safe place to hold valuables. Individual drawers can be customized with velvet jewelry organizers, and we would be happy to install a mirror for a convenient spot to try on your trinkets and treasures.

With a custom-built galley closet in Chicago, the space-saving opportunities are endless. Our design experts have the ability to add built-in tilt hampers that provide discrete receptacles for laundry. We could install shelves for shoes or folded items that can frame a hutch unit with cabinets that can be configured to create his-and-hers areas. Shoe shelves can be placed in an out-of-the-way spot to make them easily accessible without feeling cluttered or cramped. Plus, you could include strip LED lighting above each shelf so it is easy to find that favorite pair of jeans quickly and without needless searching. LED lighting systems add utility and ambiance that enhance an elegant but understated feeling.

Although the efficiency and value of your new custom galley closet build-ins are extremely important, that does not mean the closet can’t provide some glitz and glamour. The experts at Closet Works can ensure that your remodeled space helps your home stand out in a high-end market.

We accomplish this with sophisticated finishes, elegant lighting, classic trim and a judicious use of glass and mirrors. We even have the ability to create tall glass shelving units backed with mirrors — a striking configuration when viewed from the bedroom. It is important to us that we make a closet that will leave a positive impression and you’ll be happy to use again and again.

Galley Style Walk Through Closet Details:

custom glass and mirror closet display shelves
Display case for galley style closet.
Hanging section of galley closet with lighting, drawers, and shelves
Hanging section of galley closet.
custom galley style walk through closet with velvet jewelry drawer organizers
Velvet jewelry drawer organizers.
Hidden closet safe
Hidden closet safe.
Decorative storage boxes on closet shelves
Decorative storage boxes on closet shelves.
Interior view of galley closet
Interior view of galley closet.
Tilt out closet hamper for walk through galley closet
Tilt out closet hamper for walk through galley closet.
Interior view of galley closet with display shelves
Interior view of galley closet with display shelves.
Galley closet entrances from bedroom
Entrance to galley style closet.

Why Choose Closet Works?

Closet Works is proud to be the largest provider of organization solutions in Chicago. That means we are the go-to resource to help you get the storage space you have always dreamed of having. We have been assisting our customers for more than 30 years, providing them with a wide range of choices and finishes to create the perfect space for their wardrobes and other prized belongings. If you are ready to learn more about our range of services and capabilities, get in touch with us today.

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