Men's Closet

Mens closet with custom built-ins
This walk-in men's closet features many custom built-ins and closet organizers. A built-in dresser sits opposite a custom framed mirror and storage chest. The far wall includes a lot of organized storage, including the Engage line of closet accessories.

Men's Walk-in Closet Ideas

Who says a fancy closet is only for women? Men like and deserve nice things just as much as their female counterparts. This walk-in closet is designed with a masculine sensibility. The tone is set by a deep gray color scheme coupled with closet organizers geared towards the specific needs of men. There are plenty of double hang storage sections for hanging shirts and polos. Two slide out pant racks take care of trouser storage. Coats are kept in a medium hang section near the closet dresser. Notice that there are no long hang closet organizer sections. After placing a hook at the entrance of the closet for the bathrobe, most men simply don't have much in the way of long hang garments.

The Engage line of closet accessories was used to provide jewelry and accessory storage — men need a place for their cuff links, sunglasses, watches, wallets, etc. Collapsible storage boxes, along with soft cloth drawers and a slide-out hamper complete the upscale look. A full wall of shelves guarantees that there will always be room for another pair of shoes, whether for golf, track, dress, or casual. A built-in bench with a full-length mirror above occupies an adjacent wall. It's the perfect spot to sit down and put on those shoes. And the bench doubles as suitcase storage under the flip-up seat.

Appearance is important. The clothes should certainly look as nice as the closet. A cabinet with power outlet provides a place for the steamer, ensuring that this gentleman need never appear rumpled or wrinkled.

View of a custom mans walk-in closet from the doorway
This custom walk-in closet for a man includes a wide variety of built-ins and organizers.
Mens closet dressing room with closet dresser
The closet dresser is custom built with the same material as the rest of the closet. It is a built-in — attached to the wall under the window.
Closet dressing room dresser and storage
This closet functions as a full dressing room with features geared towards a man. The dresser receives good light from the window above. It functions as a well-lit staging area for papers and accessories.
Mens walk-in closet with hidden safe
In addition to the built-in dresser, this closet features a full wall of organized storage. A closet safe is hidden in a cabinet above the coats/medium hang section.
Shoe storage wall for a mans closet
The shoe storage wall abuts the built-in framed mirror and built-in bench with suitcase storage in this man's closet. Three pull-out valet poles are conveniently located on the shoe wall and next to the mirror.
Mens closet with shoe storage
This men's closet includes a wall of shelves for shoe organization. The cabinet in the center of the lower rows hides a trash can. The entire set-up is extremely convenient.

Men's Walk-In Closet Construction, Materials, & Closet Accessories:

Men's Closet Details & Close-Ups:

Mans closet pull-out hamper and soft cloth drawers
Pull-out hamper, cloth drawers, and pull-out jewelry organizer tray.
Pull-out valet pole for closet
Pull-out valet pole for closet can telescope in and out when needed.
Built-in trash drawer
Built-in trash drawer hides the garbage.
Close-up of the hidden closet safe
Close-up of the hidden closet safe.
Mens closet dresser and pant rack
Mens closet dresser and pant rack.
Soft cloth closet drawer with dividers
Soft cloth closet drawer with dividers used to organize caps and hats.
Pull-out belt rack in a mans closet
This pull-out belt rack slides out when in use and hides in the recesses of the closet the rest of the time.
Slide out pant rack and steam cabinet for closet
Slide out pant rack and steam cabinet with smoked glass door for closet.
Closet steamer and includes a power outlet for charging the unit.
Closet cabinet holds a steamer and includes a power outlet for charging the unit.
Custom closet mirror and built-in trunk
Custom closet mirror and built-in trunk.

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