his and hers closets

Master Closet Retreat: Sloped Ceiling Dressing Room with Closet Island

This project was new construction and the master closet was essentially a blank slate. The space is accessed by walking through the master bathroom and it needed to store bath linens as well as the client’s clothing. The owners wanted plenty of functional storage, along with a relaxing dressing room area with space for seating. They also really hoped the closet would end up being just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. The challenges were the angled ceilings as well as different wall heights throughout the space. Although they wanted a lot of space left open so that it could be furnished with comfortable seating, they also desired a central island so they could fold clothes and store their laundry basket. They asked for a mixture of shelves, hanging, drawers, a place to sit, and some closed storage with doors. This closet needed to be a place in which you’d like to remain for hours at a time.

The entire closet is floor-based units. The clients wanted a complete look with this. This was a very large walk-in with plenty of space for storage. We decided to end the units on the angled wall at the point where the slope starts so that top shelf could be used for either storage or display. The clients have many personal treasures that they would like to be able to display in this space. To make the design flow better, we turned the challenges of the space into assets by incorporating the many angles and windows as design enhancements rather than obstacles needing a work around. The back window is a perfect example of that. The window was used as the anchor of that wall design, with hanging sections in a step pattern to utilize the wall space without comprising the aesthetics.

his and hers closets
The closet was installed using the Haze laminate with brushed chrome round rods. We used shaker style drawers with metro handles on them. The doors we chose to coincide with the existing closet door to enter the closet. The doors are frameless glass doors in frosted white lami.

Walk In Closet Dressing Room Design Details

full view of master closet dressing room
Full view of master dressing room
his and her master walk in dressing room closet
His and Her expansive dressing room space
center closet island for dressing room
Center closet island
closet island offers luggage storage
Island offers luggage storage
his side is customized with storage for his shoes and wardrobe
His side offers storage for his shoes and wardrobe
his side shoe shelving and organization
Shoe Shelves and Organization on His Side
master walk in closet dressing room is expansive
Expansive design for master walk in
his side has customized hanging and shelving along slope of room
His side organization along slope of room
back wall of sloped ceiling closet
Back wall of sloped ceiling closet
island is in haze laminate with metro handles
Full view of her side
island has both dresser storage and shelving
Island has both dresser drawers and shelving on opposite side
his side double hang closet storage
His side double hanging section
her side offers shelves along sloped wall
Perfect shelving sections to fit along slope
her side hanging and shelving in sloped ceiling closet
Hanging and shelving for her side
floor-based system offers storage below hanging
Floor-based system offers storage below
her side hanging and shelving
Her side closet storage
full view of master walk in closet dressing room
Full view of expansive closet
walk through bathroom to master closet
View of master closet from bathroom

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