Apparel Annex: Auxiliary Space for Master Bedroom Closet

Creating Extra Closet Storage: Basement Remodel with Corner Closet Organizer

Adding closet space to an existing older home is often a challenge that requires the best creative problem-solving skills a designer can offer. This project was no exception. Our clients had recently moved into a lovely older home on a beautiful and generous lot. Unfortunately, the house had much smaller closets than they were accustomed to and their clothes simply would not fit. Their professional attire is essential to their workplace image, and little progress could be made by eliminating clothing. They simply needed more storage space for the clothes. Since the bedrooms in the home were relatively small, adding a new wardrobe closet to the existing master bedroom wasn’t viable. There just wasn’t enough room. We needed to look elsewhere for storage opportunities. Around the corner from the bedroom and down a half flight of stairs brought us to a walk-out basement with plenty of potential.

This basement was already scheduled for renovation. We asked the contractor to move an interior wall forward, creating a small space off the laundry room that could be used as an auxiliary space for the master bedroom closet. This new closet became the owner’s “apparel annex,” providing dedicated space for seasonal and special occasion clothing and shoes. It is actually a very convenient place to store the clothes, due to its proximity to the home’s washer, dryer and ironing board.

The customer wanted a space that was visually attractive yet could comfortably hold her clothing and many shoes. White laminate was selected to reflect the maximum amount of light and keep the windowless space bright. The space was long and narrow like a hallway, except that unlike a hallway, it went nowhere. We installed a 360 Organizer Shoe Spinner rotating closet organizer at the end of the closet to accommodate the shoes and some evening hand bags. It also provided a destination to the space. We allowed enough open area for the client to add her own upholstered seating in front of the Shoe Spinner, creating a cozy spot for her to sit down while changing into one of her many pairs of shoes.

narrow closet with corner closet organizer

More Closet Storage Ideas for Additional Clothing

closet built to hold extra clothes from master bedroom closet
narrow closet offers plenty of storage space
360 organizer shoe spinner for corner closet storage
closet has hanging and closet corner organizer
narrow closet offers plenty of storage in this basement closet
view of closet with double hang and room for luggage storage
Reverse view of walk-in closet
telescoping belt organizer
Telescoping belt rack
suspended shelving for folded items and accessories
Suspended shelves for accessories and folded items

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