Basement to Beautiful — Modest Home Basement Transformation Into Dream Master Walk-In Closet

Basement Transformation into Master Walk-In Closet Details

This grand closet belongs to a modest, post-World War II ranch home. Typical to homes of this period, the house features small rooms with a single, tiny, reach-in closet per bedroom. None of the bedrooms offer the features current homeowners associate with a “master bedroom,” including a big, walk-in closet. It is, however, very conveniently located in a nice neighborhood and the owners wanted to stay in their home. They just needed to make the space work for modern lifestyles and wardrobes. One of the chief problems with the home was the lack of closet space in the master bedroom. A new master closet was needed, but with no available space in the main living area of the home, the owners decided to go underground to carve out a luxurious closet solution without having to increase the actual footprint of the house.

The space that became the new walk-in closet was previously a basement bedroom located directly below the first-floor bedroom currently used as a master. The customer removed the existing small reach-in closet in the room, repainted, and changed the flooring prior to project installation. The rest was left to Closet Works. The clients hoped that the new storage solution would be more than just an auxiliary closet for seasonal and special occasion clothing. Nestled like a hidden diamond under the home, they wanted the finished space to be a kind of luxurious retreat inside their modest house.

The original basement space did not inspire these sensations of grandeur. The celling is low (lower than a standard closet system), the space is dark, the floors are crooked and pitch to a central floor drain. All sorts of plumbing pipes and air ducts line the ceiling and walls, but luckily, basement seepage has never been a problem in this home. The client had specific desires for the storage of their items which did not include a reminder that they were in a windowless underground storage room. They also had a strict budget. Even with all that, the space was still a diamond in the rough.

We decided to concentrate on a timelessly classic look that would offer abundant storage for all of their clothing and accessories while creating a quiet, relaxing atmosphere that will never go out of style. Storage flows from floor to ceiling on every wall. We purposely avoided a center closet island, placing all drawer units including countertop space against the walls, so that the clients could use their elegant chaise lounge and sheepskin rug to anchor the space. This set the tone of the entire design.

Walk-in closet organization system with custom LED lighting system
Although shelving and drawer units are floor based, this is essentially a suspended closet system. Base molding covers any gaps or shims needed to accommodate the uneven floor in the floor-based sections. To accommodate the low ceiling height, cabinet doors are mounted above the drawers right under the ceiling. Allowances needed to be made for a ceiling vent that hit at the system height.

Basement Remodeling into Walk-In Closet Details

basement room ideas for closet hanging
His and her master closet
basement master bedroom ideas
Plenty of storage space all around
corner hanging and closet hutch
Corner storage and closet hutch
corner hanging rod for closet
Clever corner hanging
closet corner with long hang section
Closet corner with long hang and shelving
close up of canvas TFL and emerald knob
Close up of Canvas laminate and Emerald knob
wall of shoe storage in basement closet
Wall of shoe storage
vertical view of master walk in basement remodeling closet
Closet basement remodeling
shoe shelving section for mens shoes
Shelving for men's shoes
wall of shoe shelves spans the wall
Shoe organization spans the wall
closet hutch for basement transformation closet
Beautiful closet hutch
basement room ideas for spare bedroom
Beautiful basement transformation
clever corner storage for closet
Additional maximized corner storage

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