Sleek Design for Slanted Ceiling Closet: Sloped Ceiling Storage

Slanted Ceiling Storage Ideas

Sloped ceiling rooms are often create an illusion of limited space and lack of storage opportunities. Clearly not a one-size-fits-all matter for furniture, custom organization systems like this sleek design from Closet Works can make the most out of the challenging space. Steep, sloped walls in this room left about a 3 and a half feet section that created the perfect opportunity for medium length hanging and a scarf organizer. This master closet is a great example of precision and perfection with the system meeting the ceiling and leaving access to the air vent. The dark Libretti laminate is sleek and streamlined to capture every angle of the room with a modern, unique look.

Sloped Ceiling Storage Ideas

sleek design for slanted ceiling storage
Makes full use of unique angles & features of the room
sloped ceiling closet design
Taller parts of the room allow long hang and shelving
steep sloped walls for slanted ceiling closet
Making full use of steep slopes
sloped walls with custom closet furniture
The shortest part of the closet offered shorter hang and scarf organization
custom floor to ceiling closet with air vent access
Precision of floor-to-ceiling system leaves access to vent

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