Upscale, Minimalist Dressing Room Closet

upscale minimalist dressing room closet
The client asked for a dressing room closet for two people with a clean, minimalist look and upscale aesthetic. The space was previously two smaller his and hers walk-in closets, but a wall was removed to open up the space.

Mega Merger Creates a New, Grand Dressing Room Closet

Mergers are designed to increase value, and that’s certainly what happened in this case. The goal with this closet was to provide floor-to-ceiling storage with an elegant, uncluttered, and spacious aesthetic. The master bedroom in this home previously featured two back-to-back, tiny, walk-in closets equipped with wire, builder-style closet rods and shelves. The clients felt claustrophobic and didn’t have enough room for all their clothes. They decided to remove the wall between the two small closets, creating a single, large, luxurious space that would also serve as a dressing room.

The client desired a long, linear, minimalist look with an upscale aesthetic. They requested enough empty, negative space be left in the center of the closet to place their favorite rug and chaise. Simple hardware and a white color were selected to further the minimalist look. We designed a simple crown moulding system to wrap the entire closet — suspended and floor-based components alike. To achieve this, a box soffit was constructed to support the crown that also hides the suspension rail and increases the built-in appearance of the closet. The closet system was built to 87.679-inches — basically up to the ceiling. The side panels run all the way up and abut the ceiling. However, the center panels on the hanging areas stop at 80-inches. This allows for an upper shelf over the hanging areas that is not partitioned, increasing the functionality of the space, and adding to the desired long, linear aesthetic. A second cleat crown was added over the box soffit as a design element to tie the system to the ceiling and maintain a very streamlined / linear / minimalist appearance overall.

The back wall is the focal point of this closet. A floor-to-ceiling wall unit consisting of covered cabinets and drawers provides clutter free storage for small accessories and folded items. The clients were able to move all their knits off hangers and into more protective cabinets and drawers. Not only does it look better, but their clothes will last longer this way as well. The top drawers feature jewelry organizers. Two built-in tilt-out hampers hide dirty laundry so that the closet always looks and smells fresh. This wall unit was designed in four sections. Two for each spouse. The outer sections include a small open area topped by a countertop. That way each partner has their own personal display space for photos and mementos. In fact, there’s basically two of everything in this closet. The closet continues to provide separate areas for both spouses possessions even though the space has been merged. The finished closet presents a modern, linear effect that the clients love.

Dressing room closet wall unit with closet shelves and cabinets
Dressing room closet wall unit with closet shelves and cabinets.
Closet organizers for dressing room closets
This elegant dressing room closet features closet organizers to maximize hanging space.
Walk-in closet with hanging, shelves, and closet drawers
Hanging areas with shoe shelves encompass two walls — one for each spouse. The closet organizers are a mirror reflection of each other.
Closet Soffit to support crown moulding
This closet features a wraparound soffit so that crown moulding could be seamlessly added on all sides of the closet, and the suspension rail is hidden.
Closet features two entrances
This dressing room closet features two entrances for effective traffic flow. With this arrangement, the spouses are never in each other's way during the rush to get ready each morning.

Bedroom Closet Construction, Materials, & Closet Accessories:

Dressing Room Closet Details & Close-Ups:

Built-in tilt-out closet hamper
One of two built-in closet hampers with double laundry bags for sorting clothes.
Closet jewelry drawer organizers
Velvet and acrylic organizers convert the closet drawer into a custom jewelry box.
Closet hooks
Closet hooks add extra functional storage to small, otherwise unused spaces in the closet.
Folded clothing on closet cabinet shelves
Folded clothing on closet cabinet shelves is protected from dust and stretching.
slide out closet belt rack
One of two slide out closet belt racks that remains hidden on the ends of the wall unit until needed.

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