Custom L-Shaped Narrow Closets In Chicago

Walk-in closet design for a narrow L-shaped closet
This narrow walk-in closet design is single-sided, meaning closet organizers cover one wall. The other side of this very narrow closet is left empty. This way there is room to walk to the back and access the L-shaped alcove where a built-in dresser and mirror finish the custom storage.

Creating Maximum Storage in a Challenging Space

Most Chicago properties were designed in the days before storage was a major consideration. This means many closets in the city were built as afterthoughts, resulting in awkward and L-shaped spaces that make organizing your belongings an often-frustrating experience.

However, the skill that Closet Works brings to the table means we’re the best place to turn for a narrow closet system in Chicago. Our experts will evaluate the space and develop a storage solution to give you the narrow closet organization you’ve been needing. Not only can we provide long, narrow closet solutions that help keep your items orderly, but the variety of finishes we offer can create a look and feel you’re sure to love.

Our Specific Solutions

Closet Works’ narrow closet storage capabilities can be found throughout the city. For instance, many units around town feature L-shaped closets with small alcoves. We have completed numerous projects for homeowners who are looking to make the most of these unusual areas, and we use this experience to find the best options for each client.

For example, we can place organizers along one wall to provide storage without eating up valuable floor space. We can add built-in dressers that include mirrors and shelves for maximum efficiency. For niches that aren’t wide enough for wall units, we can create long shelves that provide additional space for items without interfering with your ability to walk freely or access drawers. With the right organizational tools, even the narrowest and most awkward spaces can live up to their full potential.

Diagram and plans for a narrrow L-shaped walk-in closet
Diagram and plans for a narrow L-shaped walk-in closet with a built-in dresser at the foot of the "L".

Construction Options:

double hang closet organizers
Double hang closet organizers are installed high for a tall man.
shoe shelf organizers for closet
Dedicated shoe shelves increase overall closet organization.
Built-in closet dresser
Custom storage alcove with built-in dresser for a long, narrow, L-shaped closet.
Close-up of closet organizers
Close-up of closet organizers.
Shelves on either side of hanging section for narrow walk-in closet
Shelves on either side of hanging section for narrow walk-in closet
Single-sided storage for narrow walk-in closet
Single-sided storage makes the most of a very narrow walk-in closet space.

Choose Closet Works

As the largest closet company in the Chicagoland area, there’s no better place to turn for your narrow walk-in closet organization needs than Closet Works. For more than 30 years, we have helped our customers get organized and create closets that fit their requirements and style. We have a wide range of products and systems that can provide the ideal long, narrow closet organization for your home. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our options and expertise.

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