Bing Long Narrow L-Shaped Walk-In Closet

Extra Narrow L-Shaped Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closet design for a narrow L-shaped closet
This narrow walk-in closet design is single-sided, meaning closet organizers cover one wall. The other side of this very narrow closet is left empty. This way there is room to walk to the back and access the L-shaped alcove where a built-in dresser and mirror finish the custom storage.

How to Create Maximum Storage in This Challenging Space

It can be a challenge to find adequate storage when your closet isn't shaped like the traditional rectangle. This closet space was very long and narrow. A small alcove off to one side at the end creates an "L-shaped" space. The closet wasn't wide enough to place storage on all sides and still have room to walk, so the longest wall was optimized with closet organizers that make the most of the space. The tiny alcove at the end was given a built-in dresser with space for a mirror and a shelf above. The alcove wasn't wide enough for additional storage on either of the side walls. There simply wouldn't be enough room to walk and access the dresser. Instead, a long shelf was installed closet to the ceiling to organize a baseball cap collection. It is above the owner's head and doesn't interfere with the ability to walk freely or open the drawers in the built-in dresser.

Construction Details:

Diagram and plans for a narrrow L-shaped walk-in closet
Diagram and plans for a narrow L-shaped walk-in closet with a built-in dresser at the foot of the "L".
double hang closet organizers
Double hang closet organizers are installed high for a tall man. The hanging is surrounded by shelves.
shoe shelf organizers for closet
Dedicated shoe shelves increase overall closet organization.
Built-in closet dresser
Custom storage alcove with built-in dresser for a long, narrow, L-shaped closet.
Close-up of closet organizers
Close-up of closet organizers.
Shelves on either side of hanging section for narrow walk-in closet
Shelves on either side of hanging section for narrow walk-in closet
Single-sided storage for narrow walk-in closet
Single-sided storage makes the most of a very narrow walk-in closet space.