Updating a Historic Beauty: Remodeling an Old Home with Modern Master Closet

Home Renovated with Clean & Bright Closet with Custom Closet Lighting

custom master closet and dressing room
Updated Master Closet with Custom Lighting

This closet/dressing room was part of a historic home renovation. A large addition to the back and side of the house allowed the owners to gain a 4-car attached garage and extra space for an enlarged kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and storage. This closet is located behind the kitchen and off the master bathroom, which you must pass through in order to get to the space. The owners wanted to maintain the elegant traditional feel of their home, while updating it to suit their contemporary lifestyle and modern aesthetic. They did not want the space to feel like an addition. The new closet/dressing room needed to tie in with the new finishes chosen for the master bath, bedroom and kitchen, plus tie in with the rest of the existing house.

This was a shared closet for two working professionals. The space needed to accommodate both of their extensive wardrobes, plus provide a quiet getaway space away from the noise and bustle of three teenagers. They did not want to see any clothing or shoes visible in the entry/doorway, so we designed the space with doors and drawers only in the doorway view, and the hanging clothing in the rear of the closet. This gives the space a serene, less cluttered appearance. The client is petite, so we added flip-up doors on top in order for her to access the upper storages shelves easily. Due to the narrow space, there was not enough room to hang clothing on both side walls, so one wall was utilized for just shelving, and the opposite and back wall for the hanging and additional shelves/drawers.

Storage went all the way to the ceiling in order to accommodate their clothes. The ceilings were high, shelves were used above the hanging areas for the storage of less frequently used items and out of season folded clothing. The owners like to keep this type of clothing in large baskets for a neat appearance. It’s also easy to pull down the whole basket at the end of the season and switch out the contents. The owners did not need any dressers in their bedroom after this closet renovation. Everything found a home inside the closet.

A display area was incorporated in the center of the wife’s shoe shelves as a place for personal memorabilia and photos. Because the client wanted lighting, we had an issue at the time of installation with an outlet placement. Client’s electrician installed an outlet lower than it was supposed to be, so the outlet on the back wall (which would be used for the tape lighting) was in the wrong place. We decided to cover it with laminate so the light box and outlet would be hidden. The customer was happy about the solution and uses a basket in that shelf area for storage.

Undershelf and vertical lighting was added throughout. Although the clients initially thought they would prefer a cool white lighting system for their closet, we ended up using warm LEDS to tie in with the temperature of lighting used in the master bath and kitchen. This ensured a cohesive flow between all spaces in the home.

We used white laminate to reflect the maximum amount of light. The client was still very concerned about there being enough light in the space, so we added warm tape lighting in the sides of the shelving as well as in the hanging sections. She was also very particular about it looking clean and modern, Shaker doors/drawers were the perfect fit. We added a valet rod, belt rack, and tie rack as well as two 2-tiered acrylic jewelry drawers at the top of client’s drawers.

Details of the Remodeled Master Closet With Custom Lighting

luxury master closet for him and her
his side of master closet with lighting and shoe storage
her side accessory and shoe shelving with custom lighting
her side with shoe shelves and accessory organization
her side light up shoe shelving
his side light up shoe shelving
tie organizer for his side of closet
her side valet pole for planning outfits
closet cabinet with extra shelving for shoes and folded items
walk in closet connects to bathroom
walk through bathroom to enter closet
walk in closet is in white to reflect light from outdoors
built in closet cabinets open
full view of closet cabinets open
closet corner showing double hang organization
his side shoe storage and slack hanging
acrylic jewelry organizers
cover for electrical outlet
Custom cover to hide outlet
Her side of the 360 Organizer Shoe Spinner
Warm closet lighting

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