Small Walk-In Closet that Combines Maximum Storage with the Luxuries of a Dressing Room

Small walk-in closet with custom dresser
This walk-in closet is small, but it packs in enough luxury features to function as a dressing room, rivaling many larger closets.

Dressing Room Closets Don't Have to Be Large

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We've all seen the big, combination luxury closet and dressing room. The features present in these closets are often awe inspiring. Who wouldn't desire to have this for yourself? However, many people don't have a huge closet to work with. Fortunately, you don't need one if you prioritize your storage. Be selective and choose your custom closet organizers and features wisely.

In addition to the standard closet organizers for hanging clothes, this closet features a large, built-in dresser. Its eight drawers keep lingerie and small accessories organized. Shelves for folded knits and sweaters are located above the dresser while additional shelves for shoes are situated under the medium hang clothes rods. Storage for clothes that hang is maximized through the use of double hang closet organizers along one wall. The opposite wall offers additional shelves and more hanging space for longer garments. A cabinet next to the double hang provides storage for bath towels in addition to hiding a closet safe used for important papers and heirloom jewelry.

This small but effective design leaves enough floor space for a plush stool, offering a good place to sit and put on shoes. A full-length mirror mounted to the back of the closet door finishes the setup — a small but efficient and elegant dressing room closet.

View of small walk-in closet fwith suit hanging from valet pole
This small walk-in closet dressing room includes a wide variety of built-ins and organizers including a valet pole.
Mens closet dressing room with closet dresser
The closet dresser is custom built with the same material as the rest of the closet. It is a built-in — attached to the wall under the window.
Closet shelves with folded sweaters
Closet shelves located over the dresser provide the space to keep sweaters and other knits safely folded.
Pull-out belt rack in closet
This closet includes slide-out organizers like this belt rack with six hooks.
Small closet dressing room
This small master closet performs a dual function. With luxury features frequently seen only in larger closets, this small walk-in also functions as a private dressing room. The built-in dresser provides much the same functionality as the islands frequently seen in bigger closets but is situated against the wall. This allows space for some simple seating.

Small Walk-In Closet Construction, Materials, & Closet Accessories:

Small Walk-In Closet & Dressing Room Details & Close-Ups:

Mans closet pull-out hamper and soft cloth drawers
Pull-out hamper, cloth drawers, and pull-out jewelry organizer tray.
Slide out tie rack for closet
Pull-out valet pole for closet can telescope in and out when needed.
Double hang closet organizers for maximum storage
Double hang closet organizers provide maximum storage along one wall.
Closet organizers and closet cabinet with door
The closet organizers include a narrow cabinet with a door.
Closet safe hidden in cabinet
A closet safe is hidden behind inside the cabinet.
Closet safe hidden in cabinet
Shelves for footwear hold approximately 24 shoes.

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