Walk Through Closet With Jewelry Display

custom walk through closet with closet island jewelry display as focal point
Bedroom to Bathroom Walk Through Closet with Elegant Jewelry Display in Closet Island as Focal Point: This symmetrical closet design features closet built ins along all the walls with a center closet island to anchor the space. Gray wood tone laminate in Vintage" with white and chrome accents acts as a unifying element that brings in the colors from the master bedroom and the bathroom. Mirrored cabinet doors on small wardrobe units conceal any mess in this beautifully organized space. A custom countertop in a combination of white frosted and clear glass highlights the owner's jewelry collection in the upper drawers of the closet island.

Custom Closet Island With Jewelry Display Takes Center Stage in This Walk Through Closet Design

This beautiful closet hits all the essential guidelines for successful walk through closet design, and proceeds to take them a step further with the under-countertop, lighted, jewelry display that dominates attention in the center of the closet. Rather than dividing the space between a long hallway and standard walk in closet, the owners decided to persue a walk through design in order to open up the space and make every square inch count. The closet connects the master bedroom and bath through double glass doors on located at either end. The walls of the space are completely outfitted with custom built ins that feature a plethora of storage for this closet. The prerequisite double hang, medium hang and long hang sections are included to handle all length garments on hangers. Additionally, numerous closet shelving sections are included for folded clothing. Baskets are used on the shelves to keep small items neat and tidy. Corralling all the small stuff into baskets prevents the room from looking cluttered. Larger, built in, pull-out wire baskets occupy four of the lower shelves to act as hampers and conceal dirty clothing from view. Because this closet is visible and essentially part of the bedroom area, a large number of drawers were used to conceal personal items and keep the space streamlined. A closet hutch acts as a dresser — including drawers, countertop, shelf, upper cabinets and alcove for a mirror provide just as much storage and remove the need for extra furniture in the bedroom. Narrow, enclosed wardrobe style units flank the entry to the bathroom, providing additional concealed storage.

The pièce de résistance in this walk through closet, however, is definitely the center closet island. The owners chose to make a jewelry display installed under the custom glass countertop as the focal point of the space. The countertop is frosted white glass with four clear glass sections for viewing the jewelry. Access to the jewelry is available through the island's upper drawers, each of which is outfitted with velvet lined jewelry organizers. LED lighting installed in the closet island under the glass countertop illuminates the entire display, adding an instant WOW factor to this closet design.

walk through closet view to connecting master bedroom
walk through closet view to connecting master bathroom
Double glass doors connect this walk through closet to a master bedroom on one end and a private en suite on the other. The space was designed to be an extension of the master bedroom design and acts as a visual bridge to transition the soft textures of the sleeping area with the hard surfaces of the bathing room. It achieves this by incorporating the colors and aesthetic of both spaces. A wood tone laminate in warm gray with white and chrome accents anchors the color scheme of the closet. The overall design and layout is visually balanced with closet built ins of equal heft and weight on both sides of the main closet space. Numerous drawers were included in the design to keep the exposure of folded clothing to a minimum, furthering the streamlined appearance of the closet. A custom closet island anchors the center of the walk through space, but leaves plenty of room on all sides, ensuring an easy traffic pattern when traversing from one room to the next. This closet island acts as the focal point of the space. It includes a LED lighting system under the countertop to illuminate the contents of the upper drawers of the island, shining an artistic light on the owner's jewelry collection and lending it a sculptural quality.

Walk Through Closet Details: Symmetrical Design With Closet Island Jewelry Display as Focal Point

symmetrical walk through closet design
Symmetrical design.
a closet island anchors the center of the closet
Center closet island provides a unique focal point.
custom closet hutch
A closet hutch eliminates the need for extra furniture in the bedroom.
custom walk-in closet shoe shelves
This closet included many drawers to keep most of the folded items out of sight.
custom walk through closet designs with hanging space, shelves and pull-out hampers
Hanging space for different lengths of clothing along with hidden hanging areas behind the mirrored doors.
custom closet island with jewelry display
Custom closet island in center of walk through space.
closet hutch with closet drawers
Custom closet hutch eliminates need for other furniture.
Shephard's hook
Shephard's hook accesses upper hanging space.
walk through closet with shoe and sock storage
Shelves for shoes with drawers for socks and slippers.
long view of luxury walk in closet designs with close up of shoe shelves
Organization spans the walls of this closet.
Walk through closet transitions space from bedroom to bathroom behind frosted glass doors
Provides elegant transition from bedroom.
pull-out hamper hides dirty laundry
Pull-out hamper hides dirty laundry.
built-in jewelry display
Built-in jewelry display in closet island countertop.
built-in closet armoire cabinets open
Upper closet island drawers double as jewelry case.
Jewelry display accented with built in LED lighting
Jewelry presentation accented with built in LED lighting.
Triple tier jewelry organizer in two drawers of jewelry display
Triple tier jewelry organizer keeps things organized in the jewelry display.
jewelry display highlighted by under counter lighting
Under counter lighting really sets the jewelry off.
custom walk in closet for him with custom lighting
Gray baskets on open shelves corral small items while valet poles stand ready to organize the day's outfit
This walk through closet forms an elegant passage to the bathroom
This walk through closet is an elegant passage to the bathroom.
streamlined storage for this walk through closet
Neat and orderly storage on both sides of the closet

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