Master Bedroom Closet Ideas for a Shared Walk-In Closet

custom walk-n master closet with mirror door closet cabiner and built-in dresser.
Master bedroom closet ideas for this shared walk-in closet include a built-in closet dresser flanked by shoe shelves and hanging on either side, a tall closet cabinet with mirrored door, and a fold-away ironing board.

Walk-in closet example with built-in dresser, mirrored cabinet, and closet ironing board.

Before: These clients had a fairly large closet space in their bedroom, but it was dark and had an inefficient use of space with the standard builder provided wire closet shelf and rod. The closet also lacked the kind of amenities that could make the room more convenient for their on-the-go lifestyles.

Closet Works was asked to redesign their closet with separate sections for his and her clothing and shoes. They needed space for wardrobe accessories, including a large collection of baseball caps. They asked for mirrors to be incorporated inside the closet as Feng Shui guidelines don't recommend them in the actual bedroom. They wanted a way to minimize dust collection on special clothes and handbags that are worn infrequently. They also wanted the space to look spectacular.

After: A large wall unit with built-in closet dresser, hanging rods, and shelves was placed opposite the entrance to the closet along the longest wall. It extends from floor to ceiling and includes crown and base molding. It is the focal point of the closet. This wall unit conveniently divided the space along the wall into his and her sections with a little more room for her than him — perfect for this couple. The dresser included six drawers for lingerie and accessories — an easy number to divide between two people. A mirror was placed above the countertop to assist when tying ties, putting on earrings, or just checking your hair. LED closet lighting is located above the mirror and can be controlled by remote control. The countertop serves as a staging location for everyday jewelry and accessories. It is high enough to be out of reach of the couple's small children. A 30-inch wide section for hanging pants with shoe shelves above the hanging area flanks the built-in dresser. The shelves were slanted to make it easy to see which pairs are stored on the upper shelves. While the dresser section is 22-inches deep, the hanging and shelving on either side are only 14-inches deep. This staggered depth adds more visual interest and keeps the wall unit from feeling too heavy and large for the space.

His side of the closet includes a short wall that is covered by double hang sections. Tie and belt organizers are located here. A wall of hooks covers the small wall next to the closet entrance on his side of the closet. These hooks organize a baseball cap collection.

Her side of the closet is a little larger. Double hang fits nicely next to the shoe shelves and runs to the corner. The dust and mirror issue was solved by enclosing a set of shelves on her side of the closet behind a mirrored cabinet door. The door is as big as a full-length mirror. Because this door is usually left closed, dust is minimized on the handbags and other items stored here. A belt organizer is mounted to one side of this mirrored cabinet and a long hang closet section on the other completes the side wall on her section of the closet. A valet pole, a medium hang section, hidden ironing board, and additional shelves fill out the remaining wall of the closet.

Master Bedroom Closet Ideas & Details:

Ideas for master bedroom closet
Inside closet looking at door.
Master bedroom closet ideas for him include a sliding tie organizer
Master bedroom closet ideas for him include a sliding tie organizer.
Built-in closet ironing board
Built-in closet ironing board folds away int a drawer in the shelving unit.
Custom walk-in closet shoe shelves with men's shoes
Shoe fences keep footwear in place. Shelves are slightly pitched to the front for visibility.
Shelves make a great shoe organizer.
The main dresser/shoe shelf/hanging unit runs all the way to the ceiling with crown moulding.
Closet hooks are a good master bedroom closet idea
You can never have enough closet hooks. They're great for backpacks, hats and more!
Master bedroom closet ideas include a mirrored cabinet door
Examples of mirrored cabinet door used as master bedroom closet ideas. Reduces dust build up on infrequently used items.

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