Turn a Tandem Bedroom into a Large Walk-In Closet/Dressing Room

Large walk-in closet dressing room from tandem bedroom
Turn a tandem bedroom into a large, bright, and cheery walk-in closet/dressing room. The built-in vanity and closet island add versatility as well as storage.

From Extra Unused Bedroom to Elegant Closet Dressing Room

Are you frustrated by the lack of space in your master closet? Is your closet so cramped that you're forced to put some clothes in a neighboring guest bedroom? If so, this is the closet renovation for you. An unused spare bedroom next to the master was converted into a large tandem walk-in closet dressing room for her. The new suite features many luxury components including a closet island and a built-in vanity with custom mirror and LED lighting system. The overall effect is bright and spacious. And it's designed just for her!

In addition to the standard closet organizers for hanging clothes, this closet features a small but effective closet island. Its ten drawers keep lingerie and small accessories organized. The top drawers are equipped with velvet and acrylic jewelry drawer organizers. This transforms the drawers into hidden storage for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. The multi-tier, compartmentalized dividers protect against scratching. The adjustable, individual compartments keep the jewelry from getting tangled or mixed up.

A built-in hamper and numerous shelves complete the closet system. The shelves provide a place for folded knots, a collection of handbags, and oodles of shoes. Footwear dominates this closet. But the thoughtful design provides room for it all, creating a dream closet and private dressing room for her.

Dressing Room Closet Construction, Materials, & Closet Accessories:

Walk-In Closet/Dressing Room Details & Close-Ups:

Closet island in center of room
The closet island is relatively narrow. This is necessary to ensure adequate space to walk around the island even when the drawers are open. The island utilizes the short sides for two sets of five 24-inch-wide x 20-inch-deep drawers.
Double-hang custom closet organizers
The double-hang closet organizers hold blouses and pants folded over a hanger. Notice how all the hangers match. This is important for maintaining a cohesive look throughout the closet and minimizing the look of clutter.
Closet corner organizer combines shelves and hanging
This custom closet corner combines shelves and hanging for neat and organized closet storage.
Built-in closet vanity table
The built-in vanity table includes one drawer and an upper cabinet for storage. Soft white lights recessed into the bottom of the cabinet provide lighting to the countertop below. All wires are hidden by the custom mirror.
Closet corner with hanging clothes, tilt hamper, and shelves
This closet corner features medium hang storage along with shelves for hats, folded items, and shoes. A built-in tilt-out hamper completes this corner organization.
View of custom closet with island and windows
The windows bring in a lot of natural light into this closet dressing room. This makes it a bright and cheerful space to spend time.
Closet shelves displaying small handbags
The closet shelves are a nice place to display the owner's favorite handbag collection.

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