Mastering Each Angle to Perfection: Sloped Ceiling Closet Design for Walk In Closet & Dressing Room With Three Way Mirror

custom painted wood bedroom wardrobe with locking drawers
Mirrored cabinet doors make this walk in the perfect dressing room

Sloped Ceiling Closet Design Project

Sloped ceilings present the challenge of creating a custom closet that will not only make complete functional use of the room, but a beautiful design that will flatter the entire space. This timeless design captures the geometry of the room and utilizes each angle to its fullest potential with each of its organizational assets — including hanging rods, separate shelving units, drawer space, and a window hutch. Clothing rods sit below steep slopes offering plenty of space for hanging medium length blouses and pants, and a separate unit by the window uses a taller space to accommodate long dresses. Each shelving unit fits proportionally in the space even leaving overhead storage space for boxes and luggage. This sloped ceiling closet design uses open frame Harmony cabinet doors with three way mirror inserts, subsequently transforming this from walk in storage into an elegant dressing room.

Slanted Ceiling Walk In Closet & Dressing Room With Three Way Mirror

custom sloped ceiling closet design with island and shoe shelves
Unit is carefully planned around the window also offering a long hang section
sloped ceiling closet design with shelving
Shelves for folded items and shoes — with overhead storage space for luggage
custom master walk in closet with sloped ceiling closet design
Wall unit with Synergy laundry basket and hanging space below slope
sloped ceiling closet design includes a three way mirror
Clothing rods are tucked beneath steep slopes of the ceiling and nestled behind the 3-way mirrored doors

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