A Moment's Peace: A Walk-In Private Retreat

This client had a vision of grandeur — she wanted an extravagant, even majestic, place to call her own. A small, closed off room attached to the bedroom offered the perfect space to build a walk in closet/dressing room that would become her very own private sanctuary. The best way to bring this vision to life was to create a closet that would be her personal escape. Lights and glass would illuminate and display all of her favorite things as in a fashion designer’s boutique. The doors on each of the organization systems gave the closet the look of a small room covered in wall-to-wall built ins rather than a cluttered storage space.

Glass cabinets and LED lights may have been the obvious opulent features of this closet, but the functional details also made this perfect as her dazzling retreat. She had a large collection of clutch purses and small boxes that were ready to be organized with cubbies installed above long-hang sections holding her all of her eveningwear and dresses. Separate cabinets were built for her folded clothing and more casual shoes with solid fronts as opposed to the glass door treatments, showcasing her handbags, high heels, and gowns.

custom walk in closet with glass cabinets and custom lighting
Walk In Closet with Custom Lighting and Glass Cabinets
walk in closet with glass cabinet doors open
The back wall had a challenging angle that interfered with the client’s request to have all upper cabinets be the same height throughout the entire closet. As a solution, we created a custom template for those specific panels. The upper cabinets on the back wall with the angle ended up being mostly for aesthetics. The angled wall is contained within the cabinet limiting functional storage, aside from housing the lighting transformers. The spaces in between each of the intersecting wall-to-wall units left room for overhead storage, in which she stored hat boxes, luggage, and storage bins.

Bedroom to Closet Conversion: Glass Closet Doors For Shoes and Purse Storage Create Opulent Look

custom walk in closet bedroom to closet conversion with double hang clothing rods
Double hang extends into alcove
cabinet for storage of multiple pairs of shoes
Additional cabinet for less frequented shoes
custom shoe cubbies as purse closet orgsanizers
Shoe cubbies used as clutch and small box organizers
close up of shoe cubbies
Close up of cubbies
custom walk in closet offers overhead closet storage
Overhead storage for luggage and bulky items
closet cabinet and shelves for sweaters
Cabinet for sweaters and folded items
glass designer closet doors for shoe shelves
Glass cabinets protect shoe collection
closet drawers with scalloped hardware
Closet drawers with scalloped hardware
bedroom to closet conversion includes closet space for mirror and valet pole
Closet offers valet pole and short hang leaves room for a vanity mirror
close up of shoe shelves behind glass designer closet doors
Close up of shoes in glass cabinets
glass cabinets for shoes open
Glass cabinets for shoe shelves open

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