Master Walk In Closet with 360 Organizer Valet & Closet Desk

master walk in closet with desk in closet
Master walk in closet with a desk in closet that performs as a built in vanity table as well as a place to organize the the next days papers and charge a phone. This multifunctional closet space has the full functionality of both a storage area and private dressing room retreat. It can be pressed into service in a pinch as a quiet home as well.

A Desk in Walk In Closet Design Expands the Functionality of the Space from Simply Storage to a Personal Getaway

This walk in closet is luxury all around. The elegant Breakwater laminate has a warm, neutral undertone that is enhanced by the home's decor. A desk with a contrasting Sable countertop functions as a vanity table where a makeup mirror may be placed. It can also be used as a quiet spot to pay bills or even work from home. In order to avoid tangling wires and keep the closet looking sharp, the electrical cord can be run through the grommet covered opening in the desk countertop. It is also perfect for charging a cell phone, tablet or other personal accessory. The inclusion of a closet hutch against the back wall of the room brings all the functionality of a traditional closet island into the space without using any of the central floor space needed by the chair that will pull up to the closet desk. This closet hutch is a very practical addition in that it offers countertop space for an earing tree or other personal accessories, upper cabinets for purses and a bank of five drawers for storing lingerie, jewelry and smaller items. The corner of this master walk in closet holds a 360 Organizer® Valet model that has been customized to specific wardrobe needs of the owner — specifically extra shelves and more drawers for folded clothing. Closet accessories such as two pull-out valet poles, a telescoping belt rack, and tie organizer are also included in order to maximize the total storage potential.

Master Walk In Closet Offers Plenty of Storage & Room for a Desk in Closet

desk in walk in closet
Desk in walk in closet functions as vanity table with a rotating 360 Organizer Valet in the corner for storage.
Custom master walk in closet with closet accssories
This master walk in closet includes a closet hutch that offers similar storage to a center island but uses only wall space, leaving the center of the room clear.
Custom closet with crown moulding for a highly polished, built in look
Crown moulding above all the closet built ins adds the finishing touch to this luxurious master walk in closet.

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