Custom Built In Closet with a Closet Hat Rack and Shoes Storage

A Unique Walk In Closet With Custom Built Ins, Hooks for Hats and Plenty of Shoes Storage

This custom built in closet system is an excellent example of how Closet Works addresses your unique organizational needs while providing excellent solutions to challenging storage issues. In this design, essentials such as expansive hanging sections, shelves for folded clothing, and a large double closet hutch with drawers were included to handle all of the owner's wardrobe needs. The hanging areas were maximized with double hang sections for shirts and smaller items, medium hang for pants and longer skirts, plus long hang for dresses and gowns. In addition to the closet storage fundamentals, this walk in closet offers exclusive features such as a unique closet hat rack for storing a large collection of baseball caps. Additional hooks below the caps provide organization for an extensive collection of large purses and tote bags. Other special features include a tilt out bin and a large separate shelving unit for the owner's shoes storage. A cut-out accommodates a laundry chute. Constructed from a satiny Ivory laminate, this design has a softness and elegance that brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the room in addition to the reduction in stress that is inherent from reducing clutter and organizing the space.

closet hat rack
Closet hat rack
walkin closet with closet laundry chute
This large built in closet includes a lot of storage for the owners' wardrobe. Thoughtfully placed shelves, drawers, tilt bins and rods for hanging all ensure that there is a place for everything within this closet. A unique feature is the cut-out below the upper cabinets in the closet corner to accommodate the home's laundry chute.

Built In Closet Design Details With Shoes Storage & Closet Hat Rack

built in closet hutch with closet dresser drawers
Double closet hutch with closet drawers
closet hat rack to organize baseball caps
Hat rack to organize caps
closet shoes storage to organize multiple pairs of footwear on shelves
Shelves for shoes storage

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