Narrow Closet Ideas: Transforming a Tight Space into Optimal Custom Storage for a Long Narrow Walk In Closet

Ideas for a Narrow Closet

Closets come in all sizes and shapes. When working with a long and narrow closet or any non-standard shaped space, it's best to get creative and try different storage techniques in order to maximize storage and create order. This design was optimized for a long and narrow closet space — a drawer and shelf unit greets the owner opposite the closet door and entrance. Incorporating drawers into a closet system is great for storing small items like lingerie. The shelves can hold personal mementos, baskets or folded clothing. This custom design for a narrow closet also incorporates shelving for shoes along one long wall of the deep closet. This shoe shelving doesn't take up a lot of depth — there is ample room for hanging on the opposite wall keeping sufficient space for a center aisle and access to to far end of the closet.

Tiny walk in closet customized with drawers and shelves for maximum organization
Narrow Walk In with Closet Hutch
Storage ideas for long narrow walk in closet
Maximized Storage in Narrow Closet Space
Custom narrow closet with shoe shelves along one side
Shoe Shelves Storage for Narrow Closet

You don't need a huge room for your master closet. Even a tiny walk in closet or a long narrow walk in closet can provide a huge amount of storage when the space is properly optimized.

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