360 Organizer® Walk In Closet Systems for the Ultimate Walk In Closet Experience

Walk In Closet Systems with Two Rotating 360 Organizers

Your walk in closet can be a personal treasure chest, where each and every belonging is treated like a gem. Accessorized to the brim, this design includes two 360 Organizer® walk in closet systems, a three-way mirror, and other custom features fit for a king or queen. The 360 Valet spinning closet organizer is extremely versatile. It can accommodate hanging clothes, purses, scarves, and shoes all in one compact unit, while occupying only 40 square inches of floor space. The 360 Shoe Spinner model can clearly holds what appears to be countless pairs of footware. It offers so much storage space that shoes in this closet have been organized by type and color — allowing the perfect pair to be found in a breeze. Adorned with round Swarovski crystal knobs and hooks, there is a feeling of extravagance and luxury surrounding this custom walk in closet. Akin to your own personal spa or getaway, the opulence of this walk in closet system is considered a personal sanctuary by the owner. The traditional center closet island is replaced by a convenient closet hutch with a cabinet and drawer system. This arrangement offers the same amount of storage as an island, however, center floor space is left open for the addition of a chaise or other seating. Built in closet storage components are included for folded clothing and smaller items. Pull-out closet accessories such as the slack rack, jewelry drawer dividers, and tilt-out hamper maximize practicality, space, and create easy, at-a-glance accessibilty to the homeowners entire wardrobe — all at one time.

Take a Virtual Tour of This Closet

The 360 Organizer® rotating closet system can be used as a stand alone product, or integrated into a more elaborate custom closet design like this one. Available in seven standard configurations with numerous custom modifications, there is a 360 Organizer® rotating closet system to satisfy every need. Shown in this example is the 360 Organizer® Valet model with custom mirrored panel and scarf/belt hooks, plus the Shoe Spinner model in standard configuration. Both units feature our deep, rich Cocoa Bean laminate for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Custom walk-in closet design with 360 organizer Shoe Spinner and 360 Organizer Valet

Walk In Closet Details

360 Organizer® Valet
cedar closet drawer liner inserts for wool clothing storage
Center unit with hutch
drawer dividers separate lingerie and small items in walk in closet
360 Organizer® Shoe Spinner
Glass Doors, Shelves and LED Lights finish the walk in closet systems
Tilt hamper and shoe cubbies
pull-out sweater shelves for walk in closet
Pull-out jewelry dividers
pull-out jewelry dividers and hooks add convenience to walk in closet systems
Slack pull-out
slack pull-out
This walk-in closet includes a 3-way mirror
full view of closet organization system showing storage capability

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