Double Hang Closet In Chicago

The Double Hang Rotating Closet Rack:

    The 360 organizer rotating closet system
  • Unique 360 degree double hang rotating closet storage solution to maximize storage capabilities in any corner
  • The Double Hang clothes closet consists of two 24" rods on the front and two 24" rods on the back in a double hang wardrobe configuration, for a total of 8 feet of hanging space, with shelving on the sides to store shoes, purses etc.
  • Shelves are fully adjustable to accommodate different heights of items stored
  • Adjustable shelves are 28-3/8"W x 6-1/14"D (16 shelves)
  • System height of 89" high fits into a 42" x 42" corner
  • 360 Degree system rotation is achieved by manually rotating the system
  • Completely customizable
  • Use it as a freestanding unit, or integrate it into a closet system
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available as a freestanding unit or built into a more elaborate closet system

The double hanging closet organizer model makes shoes and clothing more accessible. There may not be any more need for a full closet cleanout, simply rotate your seasonal wardrobe on the rack. It will be easier to maintain your organization system — without the clutter. With more room for storage, clothes and accessories, neatly put in their place, you’ll gain peace of mind.

Closet Works’ organization systems are a great way to spruce up your storage space or closet. From the durability and functionality of each piece to the sophisticated design of the systems, there are plenty of options to fit your room, needs and budget. Request an appointment with us today to start on the closet of your dreams.


Rotating closet organizer
Note: The Double Hang model requires a 42" x 42" space in order to leave enough room for the hangers to clear when rotated.

The 360 Organizer® Double Hang Rotating Closet Rack is Available in a Full Range of Color Choices

Check our colors page to view swatches of all the available colors.

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