Bedroom with Slanted Ceiling and Walls Storage Solutions

Finding the Right Angle:

What do you do when the room is not square? Sloped ceilings are often difficult to work with, and frequently, furniture won't fit snuggly against a slanted wall. However, rooms with slanted and sloped ceilings are becoming more common and are no longer relegated to attic renovations. In most housing markets, every inch of space is invaluable. At the same time, the trend toward interesting exterior elevations with gables, turrets and more dictates that some interior rooms will have a lot of odd angles to deal with. However, when properly designed, a room with a slanted ceiling or wall can offer offer a wealth of storage that is both practical and charmingly attractive. It is essential to use the special contours of the room to your advantage when designing for this type of space.

Bedroom with Slanted Ceiling

The Problem:

This house has a bonus room located over the garage. The homeowners decided to utilize it as a bedroom to accommodate the needs of their family. The problem was that standard dressers were too tall to fit snuggly against the walls which begin to slope inward just a few feet from the floor. Additionally, the bed needed to be both low and positioned a couple of feet out from the wall to ensure a sleepy occupant wouldn't bump his head when sitting up in bed. There was one small closet at the far end of the room, but a lot more storage was needed for clothes, books and sporting equipment. Having a desk in front of a window is nice for studying because of all the stimulating natural light, but when the window reaches almost to the floor, there is no way to position the desk without blocking part of the window and the crank to open it. Custom bedroom furniture and desk from Closet Works was the answer to all of these issues.

The Solution — Shedding light on the problem of slanted walls and sloped ceilings:

A custom platform bed was designed with six drawers underneath. The headboard for the bed is deep, pushing the mattress far enough away from the slanted wall to allow adequate headroom, and adds storage with two flip down cabinet doors behind the pillows. It also functions as a shelf and bedside lamp due to the integrated strip lighting along the top. Additional LED lighting was installed in the footboard, creating a pool of ambient light around the bed that is subtle, yet highlights the custom bed the way a picture lamp sheds light on a painting. It also works great as a night light.

Closet Works built a low, continuous storage wall unit to wrap three sides of the corner where the bed is located. Shorter than a standard dresser, it fits perfectly under the sloped walls. The drawers, shelves and cabinets in this organization system ensure plenty of places to put away folded clothing, books and other miscellaneous items — with a place for everything, the room never needs to be messy. A small closet with hanging rods is included against the wall opposite the bed, ensuring that there is a place for suits and formal clothing that you wouldn't want to fold. A shelf style table was attached to either side of the bed, creating the perfect nightstand. The nightstand is attached to the wall unit/dresser on the other side, melding the bed and wall unit into a single, complete storage system.

Special attention was paid to electrical outlets. Cut-outs were provided where needed, and a pop-up charging station was included in each of the nightstands for plugging in two electrical devices and two USB devices.

Another challenge of this space with slanted ceilings and sloped walls was the position of the desk in relation to the window. Ideally, it's nice to be able to rest your eyes by looking out the window periodically during intense periods of study. Unfortunately, leaving the desk permanently located in front of the window would block much of the natural light available to the rest of the room, and also block the crank for opening and closing the window. The solution was to build a custom desk on furniture glides. Most of the time, it occupies a section of all where the slant starts high enough to accommodate the height of a standard desk. However, during midterms, finals or times when long hours of study are required, it can be easily moved over in front of the window. Furniture glides were also installed on the bottom of the custom end table, allowing it to also be repositioned as needed, allowing the room to be reconfigured as needed and multi-funcional.

closet with slanted ceiling with custom furniture storage solution for sloped walls
Custom bed and storage system for a room with slanted walls & sloped ceiling
custom lighting solution integrated into bed
Custom LED strip lighting in headboard & footboard

Bedroom with Slanted Ceiling Detail Views

custom storage system and bed for sloped walls
Shelving and Drawers at different heights to accommodate accessories
storage system replaces furniture and is custom made to fit slanted walls
Storage system fits flush under slanted walls and sloped ceiling
integrated lighting system in custom bed headboard with storage
Headboard with flip down cabinet doors & lighting
Custom platform bed with drawers for storage
Custom bed with storage drawers built into platform
Electrical cut-out ensures no outlets are blocked
Custom cut outs for electrical outlets
Custom desk on casters is fitted under the slanted wall and sloping roof
Custom movable desk on furniture glides
Custom pop-up charging station for USB and electrical devices
USB and electrical charging station - closed
Custom pop-up charging station for USB and electrical devices with iphone
Dual USB & electrical charging station - open
Custom end table on sliders can be easily moved
Custom end table
sliders enable table and desk to be easily moved
Furniture glides under table and desk
LED strip lighting integrated into footboard
Integrated LED strip lighting in foot of custom bed

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