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Winter Fun! Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)

Samples in Winter Fun!

What if the crisp, cold winter could actually warm your childlike heart? Winter Fun! reminds you of the joys of times past that create unforgettable memories. Winter has never been this soothing. Source: Tafisa

Winter Fun color swatch
Winter Fun! - Price Category 5

Winter Fun! is one of our premium VIVA™ laminates offering The True Touch of Wood™ — meaning it has a look and texture nearly indistinguishable from real wood. Crafted from a rare wood species rich in character, the VIVA line is the culmination of a meticulous research process led by a team of designers and experts who are passionate about what they do. The impeccable accuracy of VIVA's design looks and feels like authentic solid wood panels, and is precision-engineered to maintain the same synchronized texture, panel after panel.

Thoughts of winter inevitably conjure up memories of mistletoe and holly — the latter featuring bright green leafy branches with red berries. The red and green color of the branches have long been associated with the month of December, but the wood from the holly tree gives us another traditional winter color. Winter Fun! is a beautiful winter white wood tone laminate. The pattern in the fine grain is subtle, even and a light gray color. The product both resembles and feels like premium grade lumber. It mimics the true wood of the holly tree — earth's whitest wood. Use Winter Fun! when you want a more natural white finish. The grain in this laminate offers a much more natural feel than ordinary solid white laminate. The product is eco-friendly as well. It also provides a dramatic contrast to a wardrobe of darker clothes or richly colored painted walls.

Sprig of Christmas holly
contemporary closet dressing room constructed with Winter Fun VIVA laminate
Elegant contemporary closet & dressing room constructed in the Winter Fun! VIVA laminate with complimentary stone countertops. The design includes a built-in vanity, closet island, custom jewelry table with organizers, mirrored doors, and many more luxury features.
corner desk in Winter Fun! laminate
Corner Desk in Winter Fun! with Moonlight Countertop - Sample from the portfolio of Lisa Côté
Bookshelf cabinet in Winter Fun! laminate
Bookshelf cabinet in Winter Fun! with Moonlight countertop - Sample from the portfolio of Lisa Côté
Locking cabinet in Winter Fun laminate
Locking cabinet with drawers in Winter Fun! with Moonlight countertop - Sample from the portfolio of Lisa Côté

Please be aware that colors can vary on every monitor or device. These images are for general reference only. The color "White" can vary from one company to another. These samples are all in the Closet Works white. See your designer for physical color samples or visit our showroom on Clybourn Avenue in Chicago before making your final color selection.

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