Unity: Natural Wood Closet Doors & Drawers

Unity door front
Unity Door
Unity door front open frame
Unity Open Frame Door
Unity profile diagram
Unity Profile Diagram

Sample Transitional Style Closet Doors and Drawers in Unity

Unity is a natural wood, recessed panel door in the transitional style. Made from all wood construction with two stiles and two rails surrounding a wood center panel, it is one of our premium door faces. Styled in the Shaker family, it is features clean, square cut edgs with no bevels. It is designed to evoke the aesthetic of the Shaker people — known for their simple living, architecture, and high quality furniture. It is constructed from select/premium grade cherry wood. It has a beautiul wood grain. The Shaker design features of this door are the square stile, rail and outside edge profiles as well as the flat center panel. This particular design features a 1/4 inch flat veneer center panel. As a transitional piece, it is very versatile and works well with a variety of applications, including Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, and even Country or Early American design styles. Unity is a premium Closet Works door profile using five piece, natural wood. It is available pre-finished in several standard colors including: White, Black, Cocoa, Ivory, Moonlight, Morning Dew, Rain Cloud, and Shiraz Cherry. Unfinished wood doors and drawer fronts can be ordered for staining or painting any custom color. Unity doors and drawers are also available open frame — meaning they can accept inserts such as glass or mesh panels

  • Minimum Lowland closet door/drawer size: 6" W x 6" H
  • Maximum Lowland closet door/drawer size: 48" W x 96" H
  • Recommended Maximum Lowland closet door/drawer size: 35-5/8" W x 72" H
  • (Drawers width standards are 18, 24 and 30 any other sizes are custom and will induce a custom drawer fee)

Unity door and drawer fronts
Walk in closet with Unity Doors and Drawers - Sample from Walk In Closet Design 22

NOTE: Unity is a premium, natural wood door/drawer face. If you like the look of Unity but budget constraints don't allow for an all wood door, see our Shaker Mission one piece or Bella five piece thermofoil door/drawer style with MDF core as a less costly alternative with a similar look.

custom walk in closet with reeded glass door inserts in Unity
Unity Drawers with Reeded Glass Inserts - Sample from Walk In Closet Design 22
custom wall bed design with unity doors and drawers
Unity Wall Bed Drawers and Doors - Sample from the portfolio of Lisa Lauren