Ginger Root Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)

Samples in Ginger Root — A super color named for a super food.

Ginger Root color swatch
Ginger Root - Price Category 3

ginger rootGinger root is a light warm brown natural wood color with subtle veining. Similar to natural, unfinished wood in its tone, Ginger Root is a timeless beauty you can integrate into a variety of design styles and decors. It is named for the root of the ginger plant, which is a light brown color that provides the inspiration for this laminate hue.

The ginger root plant is considered both an herb and a root vegetable, due to it’s superfood properties that benefit health. It is brewed in the Philippines into salabat, an herbal tea, and used to ward off colds, indigestion, heartburn, gut inflammation and promote liver health. Studies by the American Association of Cancer research indicate eating Ginger Root can work against skin, ovarian, colon and breast cancer.

Feel confident in your choice of Ginger Root laminate when you want to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your new closet or organizational space. It is a warm neutral that tends to have a natural, holistic and calming effect on any space where it is used.

Walk-in closet in ginger root thermally fused laminate with the shoe spinner 360 Organizer by Lazy Lee
Closet hutch in ginger root thermally fused laminate with pull-out hamper
Walk-in closet in ginger root thermally fused laminate with oil rubbed bronze hardware
Wardrobe closet in ginger root thermally fused laminate

Please be aware that colors can vary on every monitor or device. These images are for general reference only. See your designer for physical color samples or visit our showroom on Clybourn Avenue in Chicago before making your final color selection.

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