Contempo: Standard Thermofoil Closet Doors & Drawers

Contempo door front
Contempo Door
Contempo profile diagram
Contempo Profile Diagram

Sample Contemporary Style Closet Doors and Drawers in Contempo

Contempo is a one-piece thermofoil door in the contemporary style. It features a simple, flat panel with no bevels forming the door or drawer face. It is similar in appearance to our melamine Slab style doors and drawer fronts, but uses thermofoil technology. When mixing door styles, Contempo is a better match to the other thermofoil doors and drawer fronts. It is a versatile, contemporary style front that works well with a variety of applications. Entire systems are frequently designed using Contempo. However, it is sometimes used as an accent drawer front on systems with shallow, 5 inch drawers because it is available in small sizes. The other, deeper drawers may feature an open face or other profile that is not available in the 5 inch size. Contempo is a standard Closet Works door profile using thermofoil technology and is considered eco-friendly. Thermofoil doors, drawer fronts, mouldings and accessories are machined out of a 5′ x 8′ sheet of 100% recycled, CARB II compliant medium-density fiber board (MDF). Water-based glue is applied and one of our many laminate colors are membrane-pressed onto the component parts. It is available in all of our Closet Works laminate color choices except for Canvas, Frequency, Chino and the high gloss color line. Contempo is not available open face. It can be ordered in raw MDf when a custom painted finish is desired.

  • Minimum Contempo closet door/drawer size: 7.44" W x 4.88" H
  • Maximum Contempo closet door/drawer size: 45" W x 94" H
  • Recommended Maximum Contempo closet door/drawer size: 18" W x 48" H
  • Available in painted MDF or thermofoil
  • (Drawers width standards are 18, 24 and 30 any other sizes are custom and will induce a custom drawer fee)

Contempo drawer fronts
Contempo Walk In Closet Island Dresser Drawers - Sample from the portfolio of Sue Tinker
contempo wire management cabinet doors
Contempo Wire Management Cabinet Doors - Sample from the portfolio of Lynn Casanova
reach in closet with contempo drawers
Contempo Reach In Closet Drawers - Sample from Reach In Closets Design 5
contempo garage cabinet doors and drawers
Custom Garage Cabinet Doors and Drawers in Cocoa - Sample from the portfolio of Patti Powers
walk in closet doors and drawers in contempo
Walk In Closet Doors and Drawer Faces in Contempo - Sample from the portfolio of Susan Murawski
pantry with contempo drawer faces
Pantry with Contempo Drawer Faces - Sample from Pantry Design 2