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Designer Megan Rojas
Whether they are fashion bloggers, corporate executives, or full-time parents, what all of Megan’s clients have in common is their need for organization in their lives. Clutter is a source of stress and confusion for us all, and having a functional and comfortable space is essential for productivity and well-being.

Megan holds a Bachelors in Fine Art, and has worked in numerous areas of design, including art education, event design, furniture retail, and interior design. She believes that, wherever successful design is applied, listening to clients and understanding their individual needs is just as important as a designer's creativity and experience. Megan will collaborate with clients to design custom solutions that make the most of their unique spaces and how they use them.

Contact Megan Rojas at 630-204-5027 or

Megan's Awards: Honors & Certifications

Megan is an experienced closet professional, specializing in design and space management. Her talent and achievements are recognized by the ACSP, having been awarded certification from the national Association of Closet & Storage Professionals — the industry's top professional organization.

Megan Rojas is certified by the Association of Certified Storage Professionals

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Fashion Photographer and Stylist Helen Berkun offers a tour of her closet designed by Megan Rojas of Closet Works.

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