Remodeling Ideas for Small Closets: Mid-Century Modern Meets Scandinavian Simplicity

Small closets for master bedroom with custom features to improve storage
These reach-in closets for the bedroom were remodeled after a terrible fire. The owners decided to look on the bright side and use the event for a fresh start. This meant bringing in new remodeling ideas for small closets that could optimize the space for their possessions.

Small Closet Design Ideas to Maximize Storage in the Bedroom

custom closet for organizing girls roomOne of the main requests for this closet was to include enough drawers and shelves for folded items so the owners would no longer need a dresser in the bedroom. There are four storage drawers for clothing in each closet. A fifth shallow top drawer is outfitted as a built-in jewelry box using velvet liners and drawer dividers.

There aren't many more devastating events than losing your home to a house fire. But every cloud has a silver lining, right? At least, that's how these homeowners decided to view the situation. They decided to take the reconstruction in hand and specify a new design for their rebuilt closets to get exactly what they've always wanted.

The owners describe their style as mid-century modern meets Scandinavian simplicity, with a sprinkling of art deco. That meant creating a clean, simplified look in what is commonly a very cluttered space — the bedroom closet. To further their aesthetic, they requested that all drawer storage be contained within the closet so that they wouldn't need to keep a dresser in the bedroom. It was a tall order for what were relatively small closets, but Closet Works made it happen.

The master bedroom contains two reach-in closets that seem to be almost mirror images of each other. One, however, is slightly larger than the other to accommodate differences in wardrobes between the owners. Central to the design is a narrow hutch in the center of each closet. This hutch provides the requested drawer space along with shelves for folded sweaters and knits. A contrasting countertop for the hutch provides a touch of elegance. It's also practical as a place for charging phones or keeping small items handy. The top drawer in each closet is equipped with a jewelry organizer, creating a built-in jewelry box for each spouse. Another lower bank of shelves provides storage for out-of-season footwear. The rest of the shoes are all kept in a separate closet near the home's entrance. Hanging space is organized into double-hang and medium-hang rods that handle the bulk of the owner's clothing. Slide-out belt and tie racks keep wardrobe accessories organized.

Closet remodeling construction details:

Closet Remodeling Before & After

Closet space before construction
Before beginning the closet remodel, the fire had left the space as pretty much a clean slate.
Empty closet immediately after installation
The closets didn't get bigger, but after the closet remodeling the owners had a lot more room for their clothing.

Read more about this closet remodel and get the back story from the owner's blog, At Home with the Hasty's.

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