Closet Organization for Small Bedroom Closet

Optimizing the Space for Efficient Use as a Catch-all and Guest Closet

reach-in closet organization for small bedroom closet
Guest bedroom with small reach-in closet that is used as a catch-all for all sorts of clothing overflow plus miscellaneous housewares.

The guest room is often assigned to the smallest bedroom with the tiniest closet in the home. This is usually sufficient due to the short term and temporary nature of overnight guests. However, many homes with a separate guest bedroom will end up using the closet in that room as a catch-all for overflow from other areas of the home. This household was no exception. In this instance, much of the space in the guest closet needed to be reserved for men's dress suits and shoes. Seasonal Christmas decorations filled the top shelf of the closet and the odd home accessory was also stored here. This shrank the usable space for guests to hang their clothes when visiting. To accommodate all the functions of this guest room closet, Closet Works designed a simple closet organizer system to double the hanging space and increase the number of shelves for shoe storage and other household odds and ends. Sliding racks were installed on either side of the hanging section to handle a collection of belts and ties. These allow the closet to store the greatest number of accessories while using the least amount of space.

small bedroom closet close-up
The closet was small to begin with and functions as a catch-all for miscellaneous items as well as a guest closet. This created a problem when overnight guests arrived with luggage, as there was no room for them to hang or stash clothing. The solution consisted of new closet organizers that divide the space into two sections with shelving for shoes on one side and two tiers of hanging (double hang) on the other. Sufficient space was created to store all the excess household items while retaining ample empty areas for visitor's belongings.

Closet Organization Details

closet organization includes a sliding belt rack
Corners are used for belt and tie racks
closet organizer system includes hanging space and shelves
Drawer dividers organize smaller clothing items in this kid closet.
small bedroom closet with shoe shelves
Shoe shelves
closet organizer system includes sliding tie rack
Sliding tie rack

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