His & Her Reach-In Closet with Hutch and Glass Door Cabinet

reach-in closet design with center hutch unit and glass door cabinet

What do you do when there is only one small reach-in closet and it has to be shared by two adults? Contact Closet Works to increase your storage space with a custom closet system like this one!

Project Description

This practical, reach-in closet design divides his and hers spaces with a central hutch unit that includes drawers, countertop space and a cabinet. Glass doors make it easy to see what is stored behind the doors. With its countertop and drawers, the hutch unit can provide many of the same benefits that an island offers to an eleborate walk-in closet system, but takes up less space. This hutch equally divides this closet into separate spaces for him and her. It just might be the secret to maintaining that perfectly harmonious partnership while living in a small space. Drawers in the closet can offer storage for socks, underwear and accessories when there is no room for a clothes dresser. This closet is a floor mounted design. It includes a slightly raised floor and a full backer sheet across on the back side next to the wall to add strength and help support the closet system. Floor mounted systems are perfect for older homes with plaster and lathe construction, but can work in any type of construction.

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