Reach In Closet Makeover: Guest Closet Ideas

reach in closet makeover for guest closet ideas
Reach in closets are often underestimated with how much storage they actually offer. This guest room closet has been maximized for shoe and hanging storage and given an upgraded look with a Corretto Cherry laminate — the same price as basic white.

Reach In Closet Remodel Ideas

Looking to give that spare closet in your home a major upgrade? This reach-in closet is a great example of how you can revamp your spare closet to be stylish, functional and keep you right on budget. As a guest closet, this closet offers extra storage for plenty of shoes and any clothing causing an overflow in your bedroom closet. The design is in our warm Corretto Cherry laminate — a popular color priced the same as basic white (See Color Promotion for details). Spacious double hang on both sides with brushed chrome oval rods and slanted shelves with shoe fences complete the handsome makeover.

Detail Views of Guest Closet Ideas

reach in closet with slanted shoe shelves
Corretto Cherry laminate offers unique, regal look
corretto cherry reach in closet
Slanted shelves with shoe fences and brushed chrome rods
guest closet ideas for reach in closet
Double hang and slanted shoe shelves maximize storage

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