Reach-In Custom Closets Design with Built-In Hamper & Closet Drawers

medium wood tone custom closets design with pull-out hamper basket
This typical bedroom closet has been organized for maximum storage in a small space. The storage drawers closet built ins are wide and deep to take the place of a dresser, eliminating the need for extra furniture in the bedroom. Despite the addition of shelves for folded clothes, drawers and built in hamper, total hanging space has been maintained by configuring the space to include a double-hang section to the right and another hanging section for medium and long clothing within the deep return on the left side of the closet.

The Closet/Bedroom Relationship Takes Center Stage When It Comes to Personal Organization

If you want to become a better organized person, start by tackling your bedroom closet. It is the last place where most of us will be before we go to bed bed and the one of the first places we go when we wake up each morning. It's easy to just dump everything at the end of the day figuring you'll worry about it tomorrow. But if you hope to begin and end your day on an organized and efficient note, the bedroom closet must not be ignored. A custom closet like this one designed specifically to your needs is a great way to start the organization process.

This practical, reach-in closet design positions much of the hanging space in the left corner, behind the wall. This frees up the center for drawers and shelves. The warm brown tones of the storage drawers are complimented by the oil rubbed bronze finish on the hardware (almost black with a hint of red coming through). The pull-out Synergy basket is great for laundry. Two sections allow you to sort darks from lights, or dry cleaning from wash, right in your closet. An assortment of closet hooks add storage to the odd corner, ensuring that no space is wasted, no matter how small.

Custom Closets Design for Reach-In Closet with Storage Drawers and Built-In Hamper

slide-out closet hamper
The popular Synergy pull-out basket closet hampers are available in 24" and 30" widths. The 30" version includes one small and one large bag. The 24" is configured with two small bags. Both sizes are available in polished chrome, brushed chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze to match the rest of your closet accessories.
closet hooks
You can never have too many hooks in your closet. These are 5-inches high and each is rated to hold up to 50 pounds. Use them for a robe, handbags, backpack, or even your bowling bag.

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