Custom Kid's Closet Design for the Growing Tween

Designing a Kids Closet

In most cases, the older a child gets, the more they accummulate "stuff". Tween rooms are often a jumbled mess of childhood toys alongside burgeoning adult interests like fashion, sports or hobbies. Parents don't like to discourage their children from exploring new things, but sometimes an adult needs to step in with a solution to what can otherwise become overwhelming chaos and mess. A proper closet organization system for a tween is important. It can alleviate the stress of clutter and cut down on parental nagging — no more "clean your room" — making family life more pleasant for everyone.

This custom closet system for an almost teen provides space for all the paraphernalia of youth in addition to an ever increasing wardrobe. It offers basic, essential storage features such as shelves and drawers for folded clothing and personal belongings, plus three separate hanging sections. Additional helpful ammenities include the pull-out mirror so that the child can feel positive and self-assured about personal appearance. Shelf and drawer dividers make it easier to learn to be organized — a habit that will hopefully carry into adulthood. Cubbies organize a developing shoe collection, and a large pull-out wire basket hamper is provided to hold those clothes that might otherwise end up thrown all over the bedroom floor. There is still plenty of floor space and shelving to hold bins of old toys alongside all the boxes containing new interests.

reach-in kids closet to maximize space for a tween

Detail Views

custom drawer dividers for socks and undergarments
Drawer dividers make it easier to organize a sock collection.
custom clear shelf dividers for organizing folded clothing in kids closet
Clear shelf dividers not only look neat, they are perfect to organize folded clothing.
view of the drawer bank and pull-out wire basket hamper
A large pull-out basket hamper conserves space and keeps a bedroom floor uncluttered with dirty clothes.
angled view displaying mirror open in kids closet
The mirror pulls out to maximize storage capability.
angled view displaying mirror tucked away in kids closet
The mirror tucks away as a unique feature to maximize storage capability.

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