New Baking Station in Kitchen & Pantry Storage Built from Converted Coat Closet

custom walk through closet with closet island jewelry display as focal point
The final result of this closet to baking station transformation provides this 500 square foot studio condo with a beautiful and functional specialty workspace that is usually available only in larger kitchens/homes. Additional pantry storage was also realized through the renovation.

Transforming a Closet into a Custom Kitchen Baking Station with Pantry Storage

Finding the Sweet Spot:

The client is an avid baker and wanted to add an in-home baking station to her small 8 ft. x 6 ft. kitchen. Every square inch of the existing kitchen was already put to maximum use, so the only option was to increase the footprint of the kitchen. Although the project might seem deceptively simple at first glance, the entire condo is only 500 square feet and finding the space to expand the kitchen without losing essential space anywhere else was a definite challenge. However, the kitchen abuts a small entryway that had a 79-inch long reach-in closet. We took over the space occupied by the reach-in entry closet for a new baking prep station. We matched the existing kitchen cabinetry to unify the spaces. The end result is a larger kitchen with plenty of pantry storage and a custom baking station.

Closet Works first maximized the storage in her small bedroom closet by adding double hang and converting a linen closet into a new a coat closet. Towel storage was moved to the bathroom. This added enough additional storage so that she didn't need the entryway closet for clothing. We tore out that closet. A new baking prep area was designed to fit the space previously occupied by the closet, unifying the two spaces to function as a single, larger kitchen.

Baking station in kitchen Pantry storage next to baking station in kitchen
We matched the new cabinetry in the baking center with the existing kitchen space, further unifying the areas. 14-1/2 inches on the left side of the new space was reserved for a new broom/utility closet to provide a separate storage area for cleaning supplies. The rest of the space became a prep area with storage for baking supplies.

Kitchen Baking Station Project Details:

Messy closet before renovation
Messy closet before renovation.
Baking station in kitchen with extra pantry storage
After renovation.
drawer organizers
Drawer organizers
Soft close drawers in baking station
Soft close drawers in baking station.
Closet for cleaning supplies and extra pantry storage
Closet for cleaning supplies and extra pantry storage.

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