Small Pantry Design Made More Efficient With Walk In Pantry Organization Accessories

Small Pantry Design Featuring Walk In Pantry Organization Accessories to Boost Efficiency

This small pantry design is the perfect blend of beautiful, personal style and functional organization. The custom pantry shelving system is primarily executed in traditional white laminate. However, elegant touches pervade this design from top to bottom. The closet includes covered inner cabinets as part of the overall storage solution — creating a kind of pantry inside a pantry. They keep clutter to a minimum by hiding the messier items, ensuring the space always presents a neat and orderly appearance. White Chocolate doors cover one of the these plain, white, walk in pantry cabinets. It's this delicious touch of an accent laminate color that takes this design to the next level, giving it that elusive "designerly touch" that adds the extra degree of personalization to the space. In addition to appearance, the overall walk in pantry organization for this space includes accessories that make storage easier than ever before. Included are a four stick broom holder, two pull-out wine racks, pull-out wire baskets, hooks and a pull-out waste basket. Each pantry accessory, and especially the pull-outs, offer a great way to maximize the available space and storage in a small pantry design like this one. Corner shelves have been curved along the inner edge to increase space — ensuring easy access for every item in the pantry.

Walk In Pantry Cabinets Close-Ups

small pantry design with curved shelves and walk in pantry cabinets
Small pantry design in white with curved shelves and White Chocolate doors on the walk in pantry cabinets
walk in pantry organization accessories
Walk in Pantry Organization includes accessories like pull-out wine racks, wire baskets and tilt out waste basket

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