Luxury Pantry with High-End Kitchen Storage

Luxury pantry with high-end-kitchen storage
Whether you're a professional chef or just love to cook, you'll enjoy a pantry that keeps everything at your fingertips.

Experience Walk-In Pantry Organization with High-End Kitchen Storage Components

large walk-in pantry
This long, narrow pantry includes eight cabinet doors that cover some of the shelves. By keeping some of the less frequently used items hidden, the space looks less cluttered. The doors can be left open during parties and the space makes a small by elegant room from which to serve beverages and delicacies to guests.

Every kitchen needs some sort of food and beverage storage plus a place to put dishes and serving pieces. Without it, your kitchen is just a room with a collection of appliances for cooking. Convenience is also key in proper kitchen storage design, and the way you set up your pantry goes a long way to providing the needed accommodations that make it all work.

Good pantry design is an exercise in balancing luxury with necessity. You need to get all the most used elements up front and accessible without sacrificing storage for "special occasion" items. This pantry is a case in point. The homeowner needed a high-end kitchen storage system that could accommodate a passion for good wine (and the entertaining that goes along with it), combined with the everyday needs of cooking for a family. Space constraints meant that a separate wine closet was out of the question. This walk-in pantry needed to do triple duty. It's a wine cellar, prep station during parties, and an area for keeping routine recipe ingredient with cooking implement storage. Several shelves are dedicated to cookbooks. It serves everyday cooking needs by keeping foodstuffs at the owner's fingertips. This is accomplished through a combination of pantry shelving with pull-out metal baskets and pantry shelf pull-outs. They keep everything organized and ultra-convenient.

Even though the pantry holds many small items, it never looks crowded. This is because eight interior cabinets with doors were included to store less frequently used items. The pantry is also equipped with a dedicated wine refrigerator and drawers for bar tools. In addition to food storage, it can be used as both a dry bar and butler's pantry because it provides storage for large trays and serving pieces as well. Additionally, there is a convenient countertop for pouring and prepping during parties.

Luxury Pantry Construction Details

Luxury Pantry with High-End Kitchen Storage Details Views:

Left side of luxury pantry
The left side of the pantry features wire baskets with removable canvas liners, a vertical tray organizer, numerous shelves, and cabinet storage.
Right side of luxury pantry
The right side of the pantry includes pull-out, sliding wire baskets, pull-out shelves with scalloped fronts, adjustable shelves, and spice storage racks.

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