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The designers at Closet Works are specialists in pantry shelving systems, and we proudly serve Northbrook and the 60062 area. Let us help you optimize your space with new, custom pantry shelving today!

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Northbrook Pantry Shelving Systems Custom Designed to Your Space and Needs

A disorganized pantry is a kitchen nightmare when planning a dinner party or other function in your home in Northbrook, Illinois. Not only does it make food preparation and finding ingredients difficult, but it can also be harder to shop if you can’t find or don’t know what is already in your kitchen. This is where an organized pantry shelving system can quickly make an impact. When it is time to buy groceries, owners of well organized pantries are able to prepare a list quickly by glancing over which supplies are low. Whether your home is old or new, custom pantry shelving systems are a great way of achieving order and efficiency while maximizing space in any kitchen. They can help save money as well — ingredients don’t go past their expiration date due to being forgotten at the back of cupboard when everything is visible and accessible.

Pantry shelving systems from Closet Works are customized to create the most effective storage possible in your Northbrook kitchen. Most homeowners are thrilled to discover that they can keep much more in a tighter space after investing in a custom pantry shelving system. Pull-out pantry shelves, drawers, beverage and bottle holders, pull-out baskets, spice racks and vertical tray storage are just some of the popular options that can be incorporated into your custom pantry shelving system. Certain spaces are best organized with a 360 degree rotating pantry shelving system like the 360 Organizer®. The 360 Organizer Pantry is a rotating pantry cabinet that is available in both corner and wall models to help homeowners in Northbrook gain practical storage in tight corners or at the back of the cabinet. An easy spin of the shelf keeps all food stuffs visible and accessible at all times.

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Closet Works has been helping homeowners throughout the Northbrook area with all sorts of space management and organization problems since 1987. We are the North Shore specialists when it comes to pantry shelving solutions, closets, and more. Closet Works is a family owned business with a strong work ethic and over 100 employees. High-quality and a dedication to our craft allows us to keep growing, but we understand that our continued success is ultimately due to YOU, the client. We work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your project. Why not take advantage of the free in-home consultation by scheduling a new pantry with Closet Works this ?

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