Rec Room Storage Ideas

Basement rec room with 2 floating cabinets for gaming components
This rec room offers two major areas for different types of family fun. One section offers ping pong and billiards while the other focuses on video gaming. Both areas are equipped with custom storage to keep everything organized.

Basement rec room ideas and gaming setup storage systems.

Basement rec rooms offer a fun escape for in-home entertainment. As a below grade space, however, it can also feel dark and oppressive if not handled right. Luckily, floating cabinets and proper lighting can do wonders to lighten the mood. Take a look at the well-appointed basement in this project. It offers two main areas for different types of gaming setups plus rec room storage ideas to keep everything organized.

wall-mount cabinet for rec room gaming area
The wall-mount cabinet for rec room video gaming area floats on the wall. It adds a light and airy feeling that counterbalances the large sectional sofa and big screen TV.
floating cabinet with wall-mount television above
The gaming cabinet provides storage space for multiple game consoles.
Wall-mounted storage cabinet
The wall-mounted storage cabinet at the foot of the stairs provides plenty of extra storage for video games and more but the floating design doesn't weigh the space down.
Built-in banquette seating with storage underneath
Built-in banquette with storage underneath the seat next to the pool table.

Rec Room Storage Construction, Materials, & Accessories:

Video Gaming Retreat: A comfy sectional sofa and video gaming area greets you as you first descend the basement stairs. A large TV is mounted to the wall above the floating entertainment center. Other than that, however, you don't see any of the other gaming components. That's because they are all well-hidden inside the cabinet. Easy flip-up doors conceal the gaming storage, maintaining a streamlined appearance. This floating cabinet is flanked by two tall pillars. One pillar opens to provide storage. The other offers a false door front that camouflages a structural support for this basement space. A third cabinet at the base of the stairs provides space for more games and fun family activities.

top shelf award winner
  • Two floating cabinets and one floor-mounted pillar style cabinet — suspended construction.
  • Color: Many colors options availableexample shown in River Rock laminate.
  • Flat laminate doors.
  • Main media cabinet offers three doors with flip-up hinges and high gloss black finish to contrast the rest of the system and countertop in the River Rock 3/4-inch laminate.
  • Floating storage cabinet at the bottom of the stairs offers three doors with 180° hinges in matching River Rock laminate and granite countertop.
  • Three pull-out pantry shelves behind the doors of the storage cabinet next to the stairs for easy access.
  • Pillar cabinet is trimmed with flat crown and base moulding in high gloss black.
  • Touch latches on all cabinet doors so that no handles are required.

Pool/Ping Pong Area with Banquet Seating & Storage: This basement rec room isn't just for gamers and couch potatoes. A separate area next to the sofa offers a chance to play ping pong or shoot some pool on the combo game table. The built-in banquette seating offers storage below the seats while a separate side closet is organized with shelves, drawers, and pull-outs to hold all kinds of games and entertainment accessories.

Rec room with ping pong table, banquet seating, and a small closet
This rec room includes a gaming table with a tabletop that converts to either ping pong or pool. There is plenty of storage for either game. The banquette seating offers storage cabinets under the seat. A small side closet includes plenty of drawers and shelves for organized storage of ping pong accessories and more!

Rec Room Storage Details & Close-Ups:

Flip up doors and touch latches on the floating cabinet
Flip up doors and touch latches on the floating cabinet make accessing gaming components simple and easy.
Custom wall-mounted storage cabinet
The storage cabinet at the foot of the stairs includes pantry pull-out shelving and touch latches to improve accessibility.
Close up of closet organizer components in the storage cabinet
Close up of closet organizer components in the center storage cabinet.
Closet with drawers and organized shelves
This rec room includes a closet for games and accessories for the ping pong and billiard table.
close-up of rec room storage closet
Close-up of the basement rec room storage closet and storage drawers for playing cards and small items.

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