Wall-Mounted Bedroom Built-Ins for a Floating Effect

Home gym with custom storage solution
Wall-mounted bedroom entertainment center for snuggling into late night television.

Floating Bedroom Built-Ins & Wall-Mounted TV Ideas for the Bedroom

This project encompassed the construction of three separate bedroom built-ins. Two are the nightstands that flank either side of the bed. The third is a custom entertainment center with a TV, cabinet storage, and lighting. The client wanted to retain a light and airy open look to the bedroom. To achieve this, custom wall-mounted/floating components were chosen for the built-ins in a neutral gray wood tone laminate.

Custom Built-In Entertainment Center with Linen Storage:

The media/entertainment center was the largest of the wall-mount built-ins. Four lower cabinets provide storage for linens. Pull-out pantry shelves were used in these cabinets to make access easier. Touch latches were used on all the cabinet doors so that no hardware is visible. Because the closets provide ample storage for all of the clients' possessions, there are no dressers in the bedroom. Instead, the entertainment center countertop functions as a place to showcase the special mementos you might find on a typical bedroom dresser. A matching piece of flat laminate extends all the way from the lower cabinet to an upper light bridge, giving the appearance of a single wall-mount/floating piece of furniture. It provides a place to mount the television as well as the backdrop for a built-in LED lighting system that backlights this TV area. An upper light bridge installed at 96-inches-height unifies the components and includes strip lighting. Additional horizontal strip lighting is installed under the cabinet. All the lights are on remote control dimmers and the client can choose his preferred level of illumination. Light effects ranging from those similar to an art installation all the way down to a simple nightlight or total darkness are possible.

Bedside Wall-Mounted "Floating" Nightstands:

One the wall opposite the entertainment center are two wall-mount nightstands. They frame either side of the bed. Matching laminate colors were used on these components and countertops, adding to the feeling of unity throughout the bedroom. A pop-up USB and electrical charging station is recessed into the nightstand on the right. It provides a convenient place to charge a phone or other small electronic device. Each of these bedside tables features two drawers on soft close slides. They provide convenient storage next to the bed. Like the entertainment center across the room, the space under each nightstand is illuminated with horizontal LED strip lighting installed under the cabinet. This lighting feature further unifies the room and offers the same ability to control the amount of illumination through remote control dimmers.

Bedroom with built-in, wall-mount bedside tables
Bedroom with built-in, wall-mount bedside tables.
Wall-mounted entertainment center for bedroom
The wall-mounted entertainment center in the bedroom provides a cozy late-night movie experience or a chance to catch up with your favorite sports teams.
Boxing Room for Home Gym with Storage Shelves
When not in use, the TV media center fades into the background. Its wall-mount design takes up very little visual space and doesn't weigh the room down with its presence.

Bedroom Built-Ins Construction, Materials, & Accessories:

Wall mount TV ideas with built-in accent lighting system
This wall-mount TV idea includes an accent lighting system to showcase the custom bedroom built-in. The dimmable warm LED lights can also act as ambient illumination when needed or even a subtle night light.

Bedroom Built-Ins Details & Close-Ups:

Built-in linen storage for bedroom
Pantry pull-out shelves with low sides make storage more accessible in the entertainment center cabinet.
Custom wall-mounted bedside table
This elegant, custom wall-mounted bedside table takes the concept of bedroom built-ins to a whole new level.
Custom bedside table with built-in charging station for mobile phone
Custom bedside table with built-in pop-up charging station in left corner for up to three mobile phones plus regular electrical outlets.
Custom bedroom window treatment with PowerView motorization
Custom bedroom window treatment by Hunter Douglas and Closet Works with PowerView motorization to raise and lower shades by remote control.

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