Decorative Wall Unit: The Feng Shui Way

decorative wall unit with feng shui organization

Feng Shui Organization

The client is an interior designer who has travelled extensively all over the Orient. She wanted to use an empty wall in her home as a display area to showcase some of the art pieces, books, vases and other items collected on her travels. In particular, she wished to showcase three large brass statues. We designed this wall unit around those three pieces. The largest and weightiest statue went in the center with a shelf above. Using the rule of thirds, we broke the wall unit into three sections with a drawer on the bottom of each section acting as a kind of visual pedestal for the contents above. The lines outlining the “thirds” are somewhat subtle in that they are broken in numerous places from top to bottom and side to side by additional shelves. However, the subliminal presence of an overall composition with nine equal sections lends a pleasing composition to the space. The other two major brass statues are centered on the intersection of these lines or sections, imbuing the entire composition of the wall unit with visual interest and positive energy. Imposed on top of the thirds is an overall composition that is symmetrical, achieving a quiet balance and power that is free of clutter, despite the many items displayed in the wall unit. Sections of the wall unit are further divided. Each individual section is carefully proportioned into individual spaces with good “qi,” or energy. The result is that there is a strength and spirit to the structure of the wall unit that transcends its functionality. We used our Canvas laminate because it offers the simplicity and purity of white with a subtle addition of texture and depth. The entire wall unit is a blank “canvas” for the owner’s art and collections.

The drawers on the bottom are functional as well as acting as visual pedestals to anchor and strengthen the design. The client uses the drawers as a type of hidden storage for additional pieces of art. Many of the pieces on the shelves are rotated on a routine basis, keeping the display dynamic and meaningful for the client.

Lighting was another concern for this wall unit. We added dimmable LED lights inside the wall unit to highlight various collections and pieces of art. The client had purchased a set of three sconces on one of her travels. We added a light bridge on top of the wall unit to accommodate the installation of these sconces as a way to add overall illumination to the front of the wall unit. The sconces ensure that the wall unit is the focal point of the room. The individual puck lights center your attention on two of the main brass statues in the display. The top of the system is attached to the wall with a rail. We covered the rail with a box, camouflaging its true function. Hidden in this manner, it creates additional interest through the interaction of various sized rectangles and cubes that make up the spirit of the piece. We used a selective drilling pattern to further the serene sensation and reduce visual clutter. So much thought was put into the placement and divisions of the shelves that it is unlikely the owner will want to move them and risk throwing the whole design off balance.

rule of thirds shelving composition
"Rule of thirds" shelving
soft close drawers for wall unit
Soft close drawers
decorative wall unit in canvas laminate
Wall unit is a blank canvas
wall unit before installation
Before Installation
Decorative Wall Unit Installation
After Installation

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