Boys Bedroom Storage Ideas

Clean and Contemporary Design to Keep Them Organized

before Closet Works install photo of boys bedroom storage
Before Boys Bedroom Install
custom boys bedroom storage idea
After Closet Works Install

Bedroom Storage Construction Details:

Boys will be boys, as they say. This bedroom wall unit and nightstand were created as a way to introduce organization at an early age to keep clutter at a minimum for years to come. Although the room is relatively small for two twin beds arranged side-by-side, there is plenty of storage. The upper shelving unit provides space for books, plush toys, or any memorabilia the boys may accumulate. A center cabinet with a door hides the really messy stuff. On the floor, a coordinating built-in nightstand with base molding and four drawers was constructed for two children to share — also a fully backed unit. A fresh coat of paint on the walls completes the transformation.

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